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Unformatted text preview: of union affiliation. 163 Quantum mechanics is a highly successful theory: it 10. It can be inferred from the passage that the author's supplies methods for accurately calculating the results of conclusion that Einstein's approach is "erroneous" diverse experiments, especially with minute particles. The might have to be modified because predictions of quantum mechanics, however, give only the (A) it is theoretically possible to generate plausible probability of an event, not a deterministic statement of theories with hidden parameters within them whether or not the event will occur. Because of this (B) some experimental tests of Einstein's theory do probabilism, Einstein remained strongly dissatisfied with not disconfirm the hidden-parameter theory the theory throughout his life, though he did not maintain of quantum mechanics that quantum mechanics is wrong. Rather, he held that it is (C) it is possible for a theory to have hidden incomplete: in quantum mechanics the motion of a particle parameters and yet be probabilistic must be described in terms of probabilities, he argued, only (D) traditional quantum mechanics has not yet been because some parameters that determine the motion have used to analyze all of the phenomena to not been specified. Einstein's ideas have been tested by which it could be applied experiments performed since his death, and as most of (E) there are too many possible hidden parameters these experiments support traditional quantum mechanics, to develop meaningful tests of hidden- Einstein's approach is almost certainly erroneous. parameter theories (134 words) 164 Exercise 29 Analyzing the physics of dance can add fundamentally 1.The primary purpose of the passage is to to a dancer's skill. Although dancers seldom see themselves (A) initiate a debate over two approaches to totally in physical terms -- as body mass moving through analyzing a field of study space under the influence of well-known forces and (B) describe how one field of knowledge can be obeying physical laws -- neither can they afford to ignore applied to another field the physics of movement. Some movements involving (C) point out the contradictions between two distinct primarily vertical or horizontal motions of the body as a theories whole, in which rotations can be ignored, can be studied (D) Define and elaborate on an accepted scientific using simple equations of linear motion in three dimensions. principle However, rotational motions require more complex (E) discuss the application of a new theory within approaches that involve analyses of the way the body's a new setting mass is distributed, the axes of rotation involved in different types of movement, and the sources of the forces F or the following question, consider each of the that produce the rotational movement. choices separately and select all that apply (120 words) 2.The author mentions all of the following as contributing to an understanding of the physics of dance A analyses of the w...
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