With the lead being derived from the 40 copper ores

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Unformatted text preview: ) other metals are added during processing F or the following question, consider each of the choices separately and select all that apply 5. According to the passage, possible sources of the lead found in a copper or bronze artifact include which of the following? A The copper ore used to manufacture the artifact □ B □ Flux added during processing of the copper ore C □ Other metal added during processing of the copper ore 67 Echolocating bats emit sounds in patterns— 8. According to the passage, the information provided characteristic of each species—that contain both to the bat by CF echoes differs from that provided frequency-modulated (FM) and constant-frequency (CF) by FM echoes in which of the following ways? Line signals. The broadband FM signals and the narrowband (A) Only CF echoes alert the bat to moving targets. 5 (B) Only CF echoes identify the range of widely CF signals travel out to a target, reflect from it, and return to the hunting bat. In this process of transmission spaced targets. (C) Only CF echoes report the target‘s presence to and reflection, the sounds are changed, and the changes in the echoes enable the bat to perceive features of the the bat. target. 10 (D) In some species, CF echoes enable the bat to The FM signals report information about target judge whether it is closing in on its target. characteristics that modify the timing and the fine (E) In some species, CF echoes enable the bat to frequency structure, or spectrum, of echoes—for discriminate the size of its target and the example, the target‘s size, shape, texture, surface direction in which the target is moving. structure, and direction in space. Because of their narrow 15 bandwidth, CF signals portray only the target‘s presence 9. Which of the following best describes the organization and, in the case of some bat species, its motion relative to of the passage? the bat‘s. Responding to changes in the CF echo‘s (A) A fact is stated, a process is outlined, and frequency, bats of some species correct in flight for the specific details of the process are described. direction and velocity of their moving prey. (B) A fact is stated, and examples suggesting that (150 words) a distinction needs correction are considered. (C) A fact is stated, a theory is presented to explain that fact, and additional facts are introduced to validate the theory. (D) A fact is stated, and two theories are compared in light of their explanations of this fact. (E) A fact is stated, a process is described, and examples of still another process are illustrated in detail. 68 By far the most outstanding of American talented 10. The author quotes Hilton Kramer most probably in women sculptors during the twentieth century is Louise order to illustrate which of the following? Nevelson, who in the eyes of many critics is the most (A) The realism of Nevelson‘s work original female artist alive today. One famous and (B) The unique qualities of Nevelson‘s style influential...
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