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Tamilla Mirzoyeva Nonaka - Tamilla Mirzoyeva ANT 307 Nonaka...

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Tamilla Mirzoyeva Nonaka ANT 307 03/24/08 What Makes Russell Peters Funny? Every comedy has a deeper truth. Over centuries humor has allowed us to tap into larger social outlook. From political satire to slapstick comedy each genre carries certain perspective. All natural languages hold up to certain rules that make up a natural language, i.e lexicon, syntax, pragmatics, etc. Also comedians are great at expressing communicative competence within a natural language. Linguistic ideology is a concept of beliefs and ideas that are not necessarily deliberate or systematic. There is also concession that ideology could be contradictory or so biased that only certain group’s viewpoint is expressed through the ideology. The depending factors include such examples as social status, race, various personal experiences and interests. What seems honest to god truth to one human being can be complete opposite to another. With use of linguistic ideology, with a particular in depth look at metalinguistic awareness, the “Indian Accent” skit performed by Russell Peters expresses social views and behaviors common, yet unspoken within a society. Metalinguistic awareness is one form of linguistic ideology that can show clearly various opinions within a society. Metalinguistic awareness can be depicted through attitudes, prestige, standards or even aesthetics. Lexicon and pragmatics plays a great role in indentifying metalinguistic awareness. Voicing out or even being aware of a stereotype attached to his or her own group, the targeted person becomes in a way more
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empowered and can even joke about the situation. Russell Peters is a great example of a man who is not only metaligusticlly aware but also uses the stereotypes attached to his heritage as source of income. In his nonchalant, easy manner of speaking, Peters eloquently demonstrates the phenomenon in his analysis of Indians who speak English
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Tamilla Mirzoyeva Nonaka - Tamilla Mirzoyeva ANT 307 Nonaka...

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