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Unformatted text preview: wo alleles that produce either a black pigment (B) or a brown pigment (b). Another gene, the E gene, is epistatic to the B gene. The dominant E allele causes eumelanin to be deposited along the length of the dog’s hair shafts. The recessive e allele blocks the deposition of eumelanin in the hair, so only the yellow producing phaeomelanin pigment is deposited, resulting in yellow dogs. If you cross parents with the following genotypes, bbee x bbEe, what phenotypic ratio do you expect in their offspring? (1 pt for correct cross at each locus and 1 pt for expected outcome) The B and E loci assort independently, so the expected outcome at each locus could be calculated independently and then multiplied: b b b bb bb b bb bb Expected phenotypic ratio is all brown (1 brown). E e e Ee ee e Ee ee Expected phenotypic ratio 1 eumelanin deposition (E_) : 1 no eumelanin deposition (ee) Multiplying 1 brown x 1 eumelanin deposition : 1 no eumelanin deposition gives: 1 brown color deposition : 1 brown no color deposition (yellow) for a ratio of 1 brown : 1 yellow....
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