31jan1941 28feb1941 31mar1941 30apr1941 31may1941

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Unformatted text preview: 1 30JUN1941 31JUL1941 30AUG1941 30SEP1941 31OCT1941 29NOV1941 31DEC1941 31JAN1942 28FEB1942 31MAR1942 30APR1942 29MAY1942 30JUN1942 31JUL1942 31AUG1942 30SEP1942 31OCT1942 30NOV1942 31DEC1942 30JAN1943 27FEB1943 31MAR1943 30APR1943 29MAY1943 30JUN1943 31JUL1943 31AUG1943 30SEP1943 30OCT1943 30NOV1943 31DEC1943 31JAN1944 29FEB1944 31MAR1944 29APR1944 31MAY1944 30JUN1944 31JUL1944 31AUG1944 30SEP1944 31OCT1944 30NOV1944 30DEC1944 31JAN1945 28FEB1945 31MAR1945 30APR1945 31MAY1945 30JUN1945 31JUL1945 31AUG1945 29SEP1945 31OCT1945 30NOV1945 31DEC1945 31JAN1946 28FEB1946 30MAR1946 30APR1946 31MAY1946 28JUN1946 31JUL1946 30AUG1946 30SEP1946 31OCT1946 30NOV1946 31DEC1946 31JAN1947 28FEB1947 31MAR1947 30APR1947 29MAY1947 30JUN1947 31JUL1947 29AUG1947 30SEP1947 31OCT1947 29NOV1947 31DEC1947 31JAN1948 28FEB1948 31MAR1948 30APR1948 28MAY1948 30JUN1948 30JUL1948 31AUG1948 30SEP1948 30OCT1948 30NOV1948 31DEC1948 31JAN1949 28FEB1949 31MAR1949 30APR1949 31MAY1949 30JUN1949 29JUL1949 31AUG1949 30SEP1949 31OCT1949 30NOV1949 31DEC1949 31JAN1950 28FEB1950 31MAR1950 29APR1950 31MAY1950 30JUN1950 31JUL1950 31AUG1950 29SEP1950 31OCT1950 30NOV1950 30DEC1950 31JAN1951 28FEB1951 31MAR1951 30APR1951 31MAY1951 29JUN1951 31JUL1951 31AUG1951 28SEP1951 31OCT1951 30NOV1951 31DEC1951 31JAN1952 29FEB1952 31MAR1952 30APR1952 29MAY1952 30JUN1952 31JUL1952 29AUG1952 30SEP1952 31OCT1952 28NOV1952 31DEC1952 30JAN1953 27FEB1953 31MAR1953 30APR1953 29MAY1953 30JUN1953 31JUL1953 31AUG1953 30SEP1953 30OCT1953 30NOV1953 31DEC1953 29JAN1954 26FEB1954 31MAR1954 30APR1954 28MAY1954 30JUN1954 30JUL1954 31AUG1954 30SEP1954 29OCT1954 30NOV1954 31DEC1954 31JAN1955 28FEB1955 31MAR1955 29APR1955 31MAY1955 30JUN1955 29JUL1955 31AUG1955 30SEP1955 31OCT1955 30NOV1955 30DEC1955 31JAN1956 29FEB1956 29MAR1956 30APR1956 31MAY1956 29JUN1956 31JUL1956 31AUG1956 28SEP1956 31OCT1956 30NOV1956 31DEC1956 31JAN1957 28FEB1957 29MAR1957 30APR1957 31MAY1957 28JUN1957 31JUL1957 30AUG1957 30SEP1957 31OCT1957 29NOV1957 31DEC1957 31JAN1958 28FEB1958 31MAR1958 30APR1958 29MAY1958 30JUN1958 31JUL1958 29AUG1958 30SEP1958 31OCT1958 28NOV1958 31DEC1958 30JAN1959 27FEB1959 31MAR1959 30APR1959 29MAY1959 30JUN1959 31JUL1959 31AUG1959 30SEP1959 30OCT1959 30NOV1959 31DEC1959 29JAN1960 29FEB1960 31MAR1960 29APR1960 31MAY1960 30JUN1960 29JUL1960 31AUG1960 30SEP1960 31OCT1960 30NOV1960 30DEC1960 31JAN1961 28FEB1961 30MAR1961 28APR1961 31MAY1961 30JUN1961 31JUL1961 31AUG1961 29SEP1961 31OCT1961 30NOV1961 29DEC1961 31JAN1962 28FEB1962 30MAR1962 30APR1962 31MAY1962 29JUN1962 31JUL1962 31AUG1962 28SEP1962 31OCT1962 30NOV1962 31DEC1962 31JAN1963 28FEB1963 29MAR1963 30APR1963 31MAY1963 28JUN1963 31JUL1963 30AUG1963 30SEP1963 31OCT1963 29NOV1963 31DEC1963 31JAN1964 28FEB1964 31MAR1964 30APR1964 28MAY1964 30JUN1964 31JUL1964 31AUG1964 30SEP1964 30OCT1964 30NOV1964 31DEC1964 29JAN1965 26FEB1965 31MAR1965 30APR1965 28MAY1965 30JUN1965 30JUL1965 31AUG1965 30SEP1965 29OCT1965 30NOV1965 31DEC1965 31JAN1966 28FEB1966 31MAR1966 29APR1966 31MAY1966 30JUN1966 29JUL1966 31AUG1966 30SEP1966 31OCT1966 30NOV1966 30DEC1966 31JAN1967 28FEB1967 31MAR1967 28APR1967 31MAY1967 30JUN1967 31JUL1967 31AUG1967 29SEP1967 31OCT1967 30NOV1967 29DEC1967 31JAN196...
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