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Ba ser corr 0012 st error 0033 0 lag 1m lag 31dec1925

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Unformatted text preview: 7FEB1926 31MAR1926 30APR1926 28MAY1926 30JUN1926 31JUL1926 31AUG1926 30SEP1926 30OCT1926 30NOV1926 31DEC1926 31JAN1927 28FEB1927 31MAR1927 30APR1927 31MAY1927 30JUN1927 30JUL1927 31AUG1927 30SEP1927 31OCT1927 30NOV1927 31DEC1927 31JAN1928 29FEB1928 31MAR1928 30APR1928 31MAY1928 30JUN1928 31JUL1928 31AUG1928 29SEP1928 31OCT1928 30NOV1928 31DEC1928 31JAN1929 28FEB1929 28MAR1929 30APR1929 31MAY1929 29JUN1929 31JUL1929 30AUG1929 30SEP1929 31OCT1929 27NOV1929 31DEC1929 31JAN1930 28FEB1930 31MAR1930 30APR1930 29MAY1930 30JUN1930 31JUL1930 29AUG1930 30SEP1930 31OCT1930 29NOV1930 31DEC1930 31JAN1931 28FEB1931 31MAR1931 30APR1931 29MAY1931 30JUN1931 31JUL1931 31AUG1931 30SEP1931 31OCT1931 30NOV1931 31DEC1931 30JAN1932 29FEB1932 31MAR1932 30APR1932 31MAY1932 30JUN1932 30JUL1932 31AUG1932 30SEP1932 31OCT1932 30NOV1932 31DEC1932 31JAN1933 28FEB1933 31MAR1933 29APR1933 31MAY1933 30JUN1933 31JUL1933 31AUG1933 30SEP1933 31OCT1933 29NOV1933 30DEC1933 31JAN1934 28FEB1934 31MAR1934 30APR1934 31MAY1934 30JUN1934 31JUL1934 31AUG1934 29SEP1934 31OCT1934 30NOV1934 31DEC1934 31JAN1935 28FEB1935 30MAR1935 30APR1935 31MAY1935 29JUN1935 31JUL1935 31AUG1935 30SEP1935 31OCT1935 30NOV1935 31DEC1935 31JAN1936 29FEB1936 31MAR1936 30APR1936 29MAY1936 30JUN1936 31JUL1936 31AUG1936 30SEP1936 31OCT1936 30NOV1936 31DEC1936 30JAN1937 27FEB1937 31MAR1937 30APR1937 28MAY1937 30JUN1937 31JUL1937 31AUG1937 30SEP1937 30OCT1937 30NOV1937 31DEC1937 31JAN1938 28FEB1938 31MAR1938 30APR1938 31MAY1938 30JUN1938 30JUL1938 31AUG1938 30SEP1938 31OCT1938 30NOV1938 31DEC1938 31JAN1939 28FEB1939 31MAR1939 29APR1939 31MAY1939 30JUN1939 31JUL1939 31AUG1939 30SEP1939 31OCT1939 30NOV1939 30DEC1939 31JAN1940 29FEB1940 30MAR1940 30APR1940 31MAY1940 29JUN1940 31JUL1940 31AUG1940 30SEP1940 31OCT1940 30NOV1940 31DEC1940 31JAN1941 28FEB1941 31MAR1941 30APR1941 31MAY1941 30JUN1941 31JUL1941 30AUG1941 30SEP1941 31OCT1941 29NOV1941 31DEC1941 31JAN1942 28FEB1942 31MAR1942 30APR1942 29MAY1942 30JUN1942 31JUL1942 31AUG1942 30SEP1942 31OCT1942 30NOV1942 31DEC1942 30JAN1943 27FEB1943 31MAR1943 30APR1943 29MAY1943 30JUN1943 31JUL1943 31AUG1943 30SEP1943 30OCT1943 30NOV1943 31DEC1943 31JAN1944 29FEB1944 31MAR1944 29APR1944 31MAY1944 30JUN1944 31JUL1944 31AUG1944 30SEP1944 31OCT1944 30NOV1944 30DEC1944 31JAN1945 28FEB1945 31MAR1945 30APR1945 31MAY1945 30JUN1945 31JUL1945 31AUG1945 29SEP1945 31OCT1945 30NOV1945 31DEC1945 31JAN1946 28FEB1946 30MAR1946 30APR1946 31MAY1946 28JUN1946 31JUL1946 30AUG1946 30SEP1946 31OCT1946 30NOV1946 31DEC1946 31JAN1947 28FEB1947 31MAR1947 30APR1947 29MAY1947 30JUN1947 31JUL1947 29AUG1947 30SEP1947 31OCT1947 29NOV1947 31DEC1947 31JAN1948 28FEB1948 31MAR1948 30APR1948 28MAY1948 30JUN1948 30JUL1948 31AUG1948 30SEP1948 30OCT1948 30NOV1948 31DEC1948 31JAN1949 28FEB1949 31MAR1949 30APR1949 31MAY1949 30JUN1949 29JUL1949 31AUG1949 30SEP1949 31OCT1949 30NOV1949 31DEC1949 31JAN1950 28FEB1950 31MAR1950 29APR1950 31MAY1950 30JUN1950 31JUL1950 31AUG1950 29SEP1950 31OCT1950 30NOV1950 30DEC1950 31JAN1951 28FEB1951 31MAR1951 30APR1951 31MAY1951 29JUN1951 31JUL1951 31AUG1951 28SEP1951 31OCT1951 30NOV1951 31DEC1951 31JAN1952 29FEB1952 31MAR1952 30APR1952 29MAY1952 30JUN1952 31JUL1952 29AUG1952 30SEP1952 3...
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