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14 what is marketing many things can be marketed

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Unformatted text preview: Places • Properties • Experiences • Events • Organizations • Information • Persons • Ideas 1 - 15 Marketing beyond Tangibles • Refers to more than just a tangible Refers product product Ideas (Academic) People (Celebrity, Politician) Services (Hotel, Airline) Non-profit organisations (Red Cross, HKU Non-profit SPACE) SPACE) Events (Olympics, World Cup) 1 - 16 Non-Profit & Social Marketing Non-Profit organizations use marketing principles! 1 - 17 What is Marketing? 張張 Core Marketing Concepts • Needs, wants, Needs, and demands and • Marketing Marketing offers: including products, services and experiences experiences • Value and Value satisfaction • Exchange, Exchange, transactions and relationships relationships • Markets 1 - 18 Core Marketing Concepts Needs, wants, and demands Markets Core Marketing Concepts Products and Service Value and satisfaction Exchange, transactions, and relationships 1 - 19 Needs, Wants and Demands • Needs - eating, drinking, safety, belonging, love (family & friends), harmony/acceptance (society) harmony/acceptance • Wants - leisure and excitement (onsen, travelling), good food (ramen, sushi), status and power (money, position) status • Demands - require having the resource to acquire acquire 1 - 20 1 - 21 How do Companies understanding Needs • Sony sends manager to retail outlet to talk to channels and customers to • Disney sends employee to host travel tour to understand market more to • Wharf T&T’s marketing team goes to roadbooth and roadshow to talk to customers directly customers 1 - 22 Marketing Offers • Products and services Apartment, digital camera, Internet Apartment, banking, education, restaurant banking, • Selling experience/solution (customer perspective) vs. selling product selling (company perspective) (company Bandai, Starbucks, Adidas, Wii, Bandai, Osaka Instant Noodle museum Osaka 1 - 23 Value and Satisfaction • Customer value What “values” can you obtain after What completing your degree at HKU? • Customer satisfaction Name a service or product which you Name have taken / used in the past that is below or exceed your expectations. or 1 - 24 Exchange, Transactions, Relationships and Markets 張 • • • Exchange and transaction Customer relationship Markets - business, consumer, home Markets user, etc… user, • 4Ps + Macro/Micro factors • The above topics will be discussed The later throughout the course! later 1 - 25 Marketing Management 張 • Marketing management is “the art and science of choosing target markets and building profitable relationships with them.” relationships Creating, delivering and Creating, communicating superior customer value is key. value 1 - 26 Marketing Management • Customer Management: Marketers select customers that can be Marketers served well and profitably. served • Demand Management: Marketers must deal with different Marketers demand states ranging from no demand to too much demand. de...
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