Assets to Depreciation_CRP Script

Asset financial information 100 the system will only

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Unformatted text preview: o the Category/Natural Account. - 06.08 Execute Reclassification FA-7 1.00 - Click on Home 06.01 Select Responsibility 06.02 Select an asset to reclassify. - - 1.00 Select iAssets Manager Post Asset Transfer Request is completed Normal 05.05 Review Asset T ransfer Changes 05.06 Logout from Application 06.00 User determines assets that need to be Reclassified 1.00 - Releasing Approver: Accounting, Manager Releasing Approver: is updated. 05.00 Manager Posts Asset T ransfers 05.01 Select Responsibility - 1.00 - Note (You can enter the current date or a past date within the current fiscal year. Future dates are not allowed) Purpose: Defaults 04.08 Change Employee Name Reclassify Asset Purpose: T ransferring Asset Enter Purpose Effective T ransfer Date: 01-Feb-2009 04.07 Change, Expense Account, Employee Name and Location - FA-6 Asset Description: QUICKASSET 1 Requester: Enterprise, Accountant 04.06 Enter Destination Details - Post Asset Transfers Supervisor Approval iAssets User menu opens Click Button Save for Later (1) Enter Releasing Approver Click on Next Select the Asset 1.00 - Responsibility: iAssets User The system will allow users to input the Expense Account, Employee Name and Location to transfer. Click on Next Select the Asset 1.00 Review the Mass Transfers Report to make sure that the transactions completed successfully. Mass Transfer Execution Report confirms successful Mass Transfer of Assets. Enter Request Details 04.05 Enter Releasing Details - 1.00 - - Manual, Self-Service asset transfers Effective T ransfer Date, Purpose 1.00 - - Note Mass T ransaction Number. Asset information has been updated successfully. Choose View, Requests from the application menu Enter Preparer, Requester, 1.00 1.00 - Location (from): 0 Location (to): 0 Click Button Create T ransfer Request button. - - - Preparer: Enterprise, Accountant (Defaults) - 1.00 - - Location: 0 Click on apply Click on Return to Home 04.04 Create T ransfer Request 1.00 1.00 T ransfer is saved. Asset is transferred to a new location and employee. Displays confirmation message for saved requests to the Asset List. - FA-5 Users will be able to create a new assignment row and enter the number of units transferred in the Unit Change column. The system will not allow users to input invalid expense accounts or locations. Unit Change: 1 Choose View, Requests from the application menu Click the Find button Highlight the Mass T ransfers Preview Report Request Click the View Output button to review the report. After reviewing and confirming the assets to be transferred, close the report window (X). Choose File, Close Form from the Applications Menu T o perform the Mass T ransfer: Navigate: iAssets Home> Asset Search In the Asset search window, Enter Asset Description Click Go button Select the asset by clicking on the Select Check Box. Click Button Add to Asset List button 1.00 - - Click the Preview button to run the Mass Transfer Preview report. Click the OK button Click the Find button High...
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