Assets to Depreciation_CRP Script

Assets to Depreciation_CRP Script

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Unformatted text preview: n. Enter Invoice Number, Description, Amount - FA-3 Find CIP Asset window is displayed. Enter Find Criteria Book: XXX CORP Asset T ype: CIP Asset Number: 6 Description: SLRET ASSET 2 - Asset Physical Inventory Information is recorded manually on the asset in the Asset T ag Number: ADS-002 Serial Number: FLZ 0091000 Click the OK button Click the Submit button Click the Refresh button Enter Asset Number or Description Issue # Asset Physical Inventory Information is recorded manually for the asset. T ag Number: ADS-001 Serial Number: FLW0097865 Description: MRET ASSET 1 Click the Done button Choose File, Close Form from the Applications Menu Navigate: Other > Requests > Run Choose Single Request radio button Click OK button Select Request Name LOV Enter Request Parameters Comment s 1.00 Asset Workbench displays assets in the selected Book. Description: RET ASSET 2 Click the Done button Choose asset with the description Click the Open button Enter T ag Number, Serial Number Meets Requirements Book: XXX CORP Review the Invoice Source Lines. 02.02 Capitalize CIP Assets - Expect ed Result s URL = http://<host>:<port>/ Enter User Name/Password. Click on Login. Change Password. Under Find by Book 01.01 Update Asset with Physical Inventory Information - FA-2 Dat a Navigate to Oracle E-Business Suite The Retired Assets without property classes report completes successfully. Retired Assets without Property Classes Report Parameters: Book: XXX CORP From Period: (current period) To Period: (current period) 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 - Reports will provide information required for filing Property Tax. Note that for this report to be populated, the item should be retired and be missing a property class type (e.g. 1245 or 1250) in the ‘Asset Details’ window. Property T ax Returns are filed. 1.00 -...
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