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T ype asset number or description source lines window

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Unformatted text preview: sources of the asset’s cost are displayed. All of the elements of the cost of this asset have been recorded. We are ready to capitalize this asset. 02.03 Review CIP Shell Asset 02.04 Add Manual Source Lines to CIP Shell Asset Click the Find button Highlight the CIP Asset you wish to Capitalize. Enable the checkbox on the left side of the line CIP Asset line you wish to capitalize. Click the Capitalize button. Menu: File > Close Form Navigate: Assets > Asset Workbench Enter Asset Number or Description 02.05 Capitalize CIP Asset - T ransfer Fixed Assets 03.01 T ransfer Fixed Assets - 03.02 Enter units to transfer 03.03 Create new assignment row 03.04 Change Location field Transfer multiple assets between depreciation expense 03.05 accounts, employees and/or locations in a single transaction. In the Find Assets window, Enter Asset Description Click Find button Highlight asset with single click. Click the Assignments button Enter the number of units (as a negative number) to transfer in the ‘Unit Change’ column on the first assignment row. If you want to transfer one unit, enter ‘1’. To create a new assignment row, down arrow and enter the number of units (as a positive number) transferred in the ‘Unit Change’ column of the new row. Enter Find Criteria Book: XXX CORP Asset T ype: CIP Asset Number: 7 Description: NEWASSET 1 [Shift][F5] to copy Expense Account from above distribution line. Enter the new Location Click Done button Click the OK button Choose File, Close Form from the Applications Menu Navigate: Mass Transactions > Transfers - Input the T ransfer From and T ransfer T o criteria: 03.06 Preview Mass T ransfer 03.07 Execute Mass T ransfer Transfer Fixed Assets /iAssets (FM1103) steps 04.00 Select Responsibility 04.01 IAssets User determines assets that need to be transferred 04.02 Search for the Fixed Assets 04.03 Create an Asset List - Asset Description: RET ASSET 2 Unit Change: -1 Employee Name: Dunigan,Jennifer Expense Account: 000 Mass T ransfer Form is displayed. Review the Mass Transfers Preview Report for reasonableness and accuracy, The system submits a concurrent process to perform the transfer. Verify the asset details. Asset List is saved. Displays Saved Asset Lists and Requests Displays Asset List. Verify the Asset details. Click on Update to transfer Asset Enter Receiving Approver Click on Update Expense Account Click Apply Enter T o Employee Name Click on Update Location 04.09 Change Location 04.10 Submit Request 04.11 Logout of the application Click Apply 05.02 Post the Asset T ransfer Requests 05.03 Run Post Asset T ransfer Requests 05.04 Refresh the Requests - Receiving Approver: Accounting, Manager Receiving Approver is updated To Expense Account is updated. Cost Account: 10.200.620500.00.000.00000 Center 100 changed to 200. To Employee Name: Accounting, T o Employee Name is updated. Manager Location: Location is updated CALIFORNIA.SUFFOLK.BOSTON.0000.0 0000 Review the Changes of Expense Account, Emplo...
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