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Impairment account details confirmation that upload

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Unformatted text preview: Report Detail’. Projection Calendar: FA-MONT HLY Number of Periods: 3 Starting Period: (current period) MON-YR Currency: USD Book: CORP_BK_NAME Report Detail: Asset Choose View, Requests from the application menu. Click the Find button - Asset Workbench Find Assets window is displayed. 09.02 Enter Projection Parameters 09.03 View Depreciation Projection Run Depreciation, if it has not been run already, up to the 10.00 current period. - - 1.00 1.00 - Write down the Mass Transaction Number. Close the message box. Close the spreadsheet. Assets> Impairment > Create and Post Enter Corporate Book details and click on Button Go Select Impairment line uploaded in step # 8.22 Verify that the Impairment line is available and the status is ‘Previewed’ Click on Button Post Click on Button Yes when the note appears Assets> Assets WorkBench Query for Asset Description: Click Button Books Enter Corporate Book details Click T ab Impairment Verify that the Impairment Loss is reflecting in YTD Impairment field Menu File > Close Forms Navigate: Depreciation > Run Depreciation - - On the menu, Click on Oracle> Upload> Upload 08.23 Post Impairment - 1.00 1.00 1.00 - Opens a window with the message that a file will be downloaded to your desktop - 1.00 - - Asset Number: 6 Description: SLRET ASSET Navigation: Assets> Impairment > Create and Post Click Button New Impairment - 1.00 - - Description: NEWASSET 3 Enter Impairment Line details 1.00 - - Click on Button Books Click Button Open When the Microsoft Excel Macro warning dialog is displayed, Click Button Enable Macros Enter Impairment Header details 1.00 - - Navigation: Assets > Asset Workbench - 1.00 - - Click the Done button Click the OK button to confirm (T ab) Impairment - 1.00 - - Status of the Mass Retirements Transaction has changed from ‘Completed’ to ‘Reinstated.’ Click the Find button Highlight the record for the Asset. Click on the Source Lines button Click the checkbox next to the Invoice SGI1220. Click the Retire button Select the Book Enter the Retire Date 1.00 - Mass Retirements form is displayed Mass T ransaction is complete. Request is successful. Review the ‘Mass Retirements Report’ to confirm the assets retired. Review the ‘Post Mass Retirements’ and ‘Mass Retirements reports. Execute Query [Ctrl+F11] Click the Undo, Reinstate or Discard button. Click the OK button Choose File, Close Form from the Applications Menu to close the Mass Retirements form. Navigate: Assets > Asset Workbench Enter Asset Number or Description 1.00 The Asset Retirements Report will display the retirement related information for the asset retired in step 06.02 Calculate Gains and Losses should be run periodically through the period to process retirement transactions. This will improve performance of closing processes for Fixed Assets. Click the OK button Choose View, Requests from the application menu. Click the Find button. Select the Calculate Gains and Losses concurrent request and...
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