Assets to Depreciation_CRP Script

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Unformatted text preview: ion Number Execute Query (CT RL)(F11) Click Retire button Click the OK button to confirm. Click the OK button This will run the Post Mass Retirements program and the Mass Retirements Report. At this point the status of the transaction is ’Completed.’ Requery Mass T ransaction. Enter Query (F11) Enter Mass T ransaction Number Execute Query (CT RL)(F11) Verify Status is completed. Choose View, Requests from the application menu. Click the Find button. Verify the Retirements Reinstate Assets Retirements form is displayed Prepare asset for Reinstatement Note Status of the Retirement is ‘Processed’ Reinstate button reinstates the asset. A retired asset may be ‘Reinstated’ before or after running Gain/Loss or month-end Depreciation. In the Retirements screen re-query the retirement you wish to undo. Before Gain/Loss or Depreciation is run the button is Undo Retirement. After Gain/Loss or Depreciation is run the button is Reinstate. - 08.24 Verify that the impairment is reflected in Books. Run Depreciation, if it has not been run already, up to the 09.00 current period. 09.01 Run Depreciation Projections - Source Lines window is displayed. All sources of the asset’s cost are displayed. Select Source line to set for retirement. Book: XXX CORP Source Line is Retired. The results of the retirement can be seen in the Asset Retirements reports and during the close process. - Book: CORP_BK_NAME Cash Generating Unit: Building CGU Click on Icon Save Close Form Opens the Asset Impairment Form 10.01 View Depreciation results. 11.00 Select an asset to modify. 11.01 Change Asset Cost 11.02 Change Asset Cost 11.03 Run Depreciation 11.04 Review the Depreciation Run Report 12.00 Log in to E-Business Suite 12.01 Select Responsibility YT D Impairment: 1,500 T he system will run 4 programs: The user will be able to input projection calendar, number of periods, starting period, book and type of report detail. T he system will run 4 programs: Book LOV: XXX CORP Cost is changed to add freight cost. Book: XXX CORP Current Cost: $6,000 Book LOV: XXX CORP Period LOV: (latest open period will default) Click the Ok button to acknowledge note Verify successful completion Navigate: Other > Concurrent > Find Requests Responsibility: Fixed Asset Manager Fixed Asset Manager menu opens This functionality is only performed after the final closing of the corporate period. Once the Final Depreciation has been run and validated as part of the flow script Period End Close to Financial Reporting, you may then proceed with performing this function. This process copies addition, retirement transactions to the Tax Books. Book LOV: XXX FEDERAL T AX Period LOV: (Choose the last period closed in the Corporate book) Click OK button Click the Submit button Click No button to Request Submission Verify Successful completion Manual Procedure 13.03 Run Financial Adjustment Report 13.04 Run T ax Retirements Report - Enter Parameters Choose View, Requests from the Application menu Click the...
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