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To change the depreciation method and life of the

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Unformatted text preview: ts that were reclassified, close the report window (X). Choose File, Close Form from the Applications Menu Navigate: Assets > Asset Workbench Book: XXX CORP 08.10 Run Asset Retirements Report - FA-12 1.00 Review the Mass Reclassification Report to make sure that the transactions completed successfully. Click the OK button Click the Submit button 08.09 Verify Successful run of Calculate Gains and Losses - Calculate Asset Depreciation (FM0480): Automatic Depreciation Rollback 1.00 - Choose View, Requests from the application menu Click the Find button Highlight the Mass Reclassification Review Report Request Click the View Output button to review the report. Input the Corporate Book name, the current period will default. - FA-11 1.00 - - The system submits a concurrent process to perform the reclassification. Run the ‘Calculate Gains and Losses’ program. Calculate Asset Depreciation (FM0480) 1.00 - Review the Mass Reclassification Preview Report for reasonableness and accuracy. After reviewing and confirming the assets to be reclassified, close the report window (X). Choose File, Close Form from the Applications Menu T o perform the Mass Reclassification: - FA-10 1.00 - - Book: XXX CORP Comments: Reclassification of a Group of Assets Asset Number: MRET ASSET 2 New Category: COMPUTER Mass Reclassifications form is displayed. SOFTWARE.WEBSITE Mass Reclassification can be used to reclassify one or multiple assets. The Mass Reclassification functionality allows users to Reclassify Asset(s). The user may specify that the reclassified asset inherit the depreciation rules from the new asset category. This is not Inherit Depreciation Rules of New available in the manual reclassification Category: Checked function. Review the Mass Reclassification Preview Report for accuracy and reasonableness. Click the OK button to confirm. Estimate Future Depreciation Expense (FM1904) 1.00 - Query will display Asset from step 04.01 above with the new category info. Mass Reclassifications form is displayed Enter the partial Current Cost to retire in the Cost Retired field. Tab to the next field. Units Retired: 0 Choose Retirement Type, Proceeds of Sale, and Cost of Removal. Cost Retired: 500 Retirement T ype: Sale Proceeds of Sale: 600 Cost of Removal: 50 Click the Done button to execute the Retirement. - FA-9 1.00 1.00 - The asset will reflect the new category combination. Query the Mass Transaction Number from step 13.06 on the Mass Reclassification form. Enter Query [F11] Enter the Mass T ransaction Number Execute Query [Ctrl+F11] Click the Run button Click OK button to confirm run mass transaction? Click OK button to note to confirm request IDs. Click OK button to note. - FA-8 1.00 1.00 - - Adjust Asset Financial Information 1.00 - The system will only allow users to change the category to an existing category combination. NOTE: Individual Asset reclassification does not change how the asset is depreciated, but only how it is recorded in the FA sub-ledger and the General Ledger with respect t...
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