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Unformatted text preview: click the View output button to review the results. Assign Asset to be impaired to a Cash Generating Unit 08.22 Create Impairment - - 1.00 1.00 - Status of the Retirement is Pending The system will calculate gains and losses for retired assets correctly. The Calculate Gains and Losses program will execute a ‘Retirements execution report’ which displays the # of successes and failures. Retire Date: 12-Sep-12 08.21 Manage Impairments Report Property T ax If units are chosen as the basis of the retirement, the cost retired will default to the full asset cost. Prepare asset for Full Retirement Choose File, Close Form from the Applications Menu Navigate: Depreciation > Calculate Gains & Losses Click the Submit a new Request button Choose single request, Click the OK button Choose the ‘Asset Retirements Report’ from the Name LOV Enter report parameters. Prepare asset for Full Retirement Mass Transactions > Retirements > Create and Reinstate In the Mass Retirements screen re-query the Mass Retirement you wish to undo. Enter Query [F11] Enter the Mass Transaction Number from step 06.16 - FA-14 1.00 - 1.00 1.00 Retirements form is displayed Book: XXX CORP Retire Date: 12-Sep-12 08.18 Reinstate Mass Retired Assets Calculate Asset Depreciation (FM0480) – Tax Book 1.00 - Date in Service: (Use date in Prior period) Navigate: Assets > Asset Workbench In the Find Assets window, enter the Asset Description to search. Click the Find button Description: MRET ASSET 1 Highlight Asset with a single click. Asset Description: RET ASSET 1 Click the Retirements button In the Retirements window, Select the Corporate Book in the Book field. Book: XXX CORP Accept the current date for the Retire Date Retire Date: 12-Sep-12 T ab into the Retirement Details zone. T o perform a Full Retirement input the total number of units in the Units Retired field or the Current Cost in the Cost Retired field. Tab to the next field. Units Retired: 1 Cost Retired: Defaults to 1,000 Pick a Retirement Type and input any Proceeds of Sale if the asset was sold. Retirement T ype: SCRAP Click the Done button to execute the Retirement. Proceeds of Sale: 0 Click the OK button to confirm. Highlight Asset with a single click. The system will allow users to change the Date in Service of the asset. Asset Description: NEWASSET 1 Select the Mass Retirements concurrent request and click the View output button to review the results. Close the reports window (X) Choose File, Close Form from the Applications Menu Choose File, Close Form from the Applications Menu to close the Mass Retirements form. Mass retired assets may ‘Reinstated’ before or after running Gain/Loss or month-end Depreciation. - FA-13 1.00 The system will allow users to change the depreciation method and life of the asset. - 08.15 Retire multiple assets using Mass Retirements Manage T ax Books 1.00 Review the Mass Reclassification Review Report for reasonableness and accuracy. After reviewing and confirming the asse...
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