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Ordinary Miracle - Ordinary Miracle such a strange name If it's a miracle it means extraordinary And if it is ordinary it is thus not a miracle A

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Unformatted text preview: Ordinary Miracle, such a strange name! If it's a miracle, it means extraordinary! And if it is ordinary, it is thus not a miracle. A clue can be found in how we talk about love. A young man and young woman fall in love with each other. That is ordinary. They fight. That is also no rarity. They almost die from love. Then at last the strength of their feelings reaches up to such heights that it begins to create a real miracle. This is amazing and ordinary. In a fairytale the common and miraculoues are very conveintenly kept close to one another, and it is easily understood, if the fairytale is seen as a fairylate. As in childhood. And in it you do not search for a hidden meaning. Among the characters of our fairytale you will recognize people closer to the ordinary, whom it is often possible to meet. For example a king. You will easily recognize a common despot, a sick typrant, cleaverly capable to explain his outrages behavior by means of principle or heredity. In the faritytale he was made king so that the lines of his character can reach up to their natural limit. You will recognize the minister-administator ,the valiant provider. And the Honored Hunter. And several others. But the heros of the story are closer to the miracle, lacking of everyday features. Such are the magician, his wife, the princess, and the bear. How do such diverse people exist in one story? Ah, this is very simple. As in life. And our story will begin very simply. One magician got married, settled down, and began to farm. But as is inevitable for a magician everything began to shift toward the miraculous, towards transformations, and suprising adventures. And here he got involved in the love story of the young people themselves, about whom I spoke at first. And everything got tangled, intertwines, and at last resolved so unexpectedly that the magician himself, who is used to miracles, was very surprised (of the outcome). Did everything end in sorrow or happiness for the lovers? You will find out at the very end of the story. .. ACT ONE Xozyain – There! All is well. I work and work as is fit for a farmer, who will see and praise all. I have everything, that people have. I don’t sing, or dance. Ahh! She's coming. It is her . Her steps. I have been married for fifeteen years, and up till now in love with my wife, just as a boy. Honest Word! She's coming. The heart beats such that it is even painful. Hello, dear! Hi dear, whether it has been a long time or only moments since we parted, I am just as glad to see you, as though we hadn't see each other for a year. Oh how I love you. What's wrong? Who dared to upset you? Xozyaika: You. XOZ- oh dear, how could this be! Ah, I am a scoundrel. Poor woman, standing there so sad, shaking her head. Poor woman! What did I, damned scoundrel, do. XOZKA- think… What were you up to this monring in the chicken house....
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Ordinary Miracle - Ordinary Miracle such a strange name If it's a miracle it means extraordinary And if it is ordinary it is thus not a miracle A

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