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Unformatted text preview: mandatory c) Are not relevant to the audit of government reporting entities d) None of the above Q 23. Which of these is incorrect? The auditor- general must report on an exception basis if: a) Records have not been made available for inspection b) Records have not been retained for at least 4 years c) Proper accounting records have not been kept d) All necessary information an explanations were not obtained Q 24. Issues commonly raised in government performance audit reports do not include: a) Commenting on government policy b) Risk management c) Governance issues d) a.and b. are not included Q 25. using resources to maximize output for a given set of inputs, or to minimize input for any given quantity and quality of output is explaining the assertion of a) Economy b) Efficiency c) Efficacy d) Effectiveness Q 26. In public sector auditing the correct statement concerning the way the conclusions of an assurance report can be expressed is: a) The conclusions can be expressed in a positive form b) The conclusions can be expressed in a negative form c) The practitioner can combine both the negative and the positive forms for the conclusions as long as the two types of conclusions are clearly separated d) All of the statements are correct...
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