Employee evaluations defamation public figures q

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Unformatted text preview: substantial Public governmental power or are otherwise in the public limelight. otherwise q To prevail, they must show “actual To malice”: statement was made with either knowledge of falsity or reckless disregard for the truth. reckless Invasion of Privacy Every person has a fundamental right to solitude/freedom from public scrutiny. scrutiny. Appropriation Use of another’s name, likeness or other identifying characteristic for commercial purposes without the owner’s consent. owner’s Fraud q Fraudulent misrepresentation involves Fraudulent intentional deceit: intentional q Misrepresentation of material fact; q Knowledge of falsity and intent to Knowledge induce another to rely; induce q Justifiable reliance by innocent party; q Damages as a result of reliance; q Causal connection. Wrongful Interference q Tort that interferes with a contractual Tort contractual relationship. relationship. q Occurs when: q Defendant knows about contract Defendant between A and B; q Intentionally induces either A or B to Intentionally breach the contract; and breach q Defendant benefits from breach. Wrongful Interference q With a Business Relationship With Business occurs when: occurs q q Tortfeasor, using predatory Tortfeasor, methods, causes relationship to end; and end; q q Established business relationship; Plaintiff suffers damages. Bona fide competitive behavior is a Bona defense to this tort. defense §3: Intentional Torts to Property q Trespass to land occurs when a person, Trespass without permission: without q Physically enters onto, above or below Physically the surface of another’s land; or the q Causes anything to enter onto the Causes land; or land; q Remains, or permits anything to Remains, remain, on the land. remain, Intentional Torts to Property [2] q Trespass to personal property is the Trespass Intentional interference with another’s use or enjoyment of personal property without consent or privilege. or q Disparagement of property. q Slander of title or quality....
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