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Unformatted text preview: t orn+ate) sub +orn in +ornate im par+ity) +parity dis +par+age dis +par com +pare com+pari+son) non +par+eil begin , a. ori+ent [ orient+al) orient +ation dis +orient orig+in [ origin+al) origin +ate) ab +origin +al ordin ordin+al) ardin+ance ordin+ary extra a. [ +ordin+ate +ordin+ate n. in +ordinary co coordinate+or) in 181. Part, port=part, divide, partake v part+take partial a part+ial) impartial a im +partial particle n part+icle particular a part+icuar partition n part+ition [ partisan n parti[party +san apartment n a+part+ment [ counterpart n counter +part departe v de part de +part+ment department n impart v im +part impartible a im +part+ible participate v parti+cip +ate partner n part+ner ) portion n port+ion apportion v ap +port+ion proportion n pro +port+ion disproportional a dis +proportion +al) sub +ordin+ate +subordinate 93 182. Pass=pass through, passage n pass+age) passenger n pass+enger passport n pass+port impasse n im +passe impassable a im +pass+able) surpass v sur +pass tres[=trans+pass trespass v compass n com +pass encompass v en +compass 183. Pass= felling, passion n pass+ion) passive a pass+ive impassive a im +pass+ive impassioned a im +passion +ed compassion n com +pass+ion patience n par[=pass]+ience impatient a im+patient) com +pat+ible compatible a compatibility n com+pat+ibility) 184.path=feeling, suffering, illness, pathos n path +os pathetic a path+exit antipathy n anti +pathy apathy n a +pathy apathetic a a+path+etic) sympathy n sym +pathy pathology n path+o+logy psychopath n psycho +path electropathy n electro +pathy 185. Patr(I)=father, patriarch n patriarchy n patron n +ity patri+arch patri+archy) 95 94 patronize patrimony patriot n patriotism expatriate repatriate [ v n patron+ize) patri+mony n v v 186. Ped=foot, pedal a pedestrian a biped a quadruped n/a centipede n expedite v expeditious a expedition n impede v impediment n expedient a podiatrist n 187.ped=child, pedology n pediatrist n pedant n pedantry n pedagogy n patriot ex re +ism) +patri +patri +ate +ate ped+al) n. n. ped+estrian bi +ped (quadru +ped) centi +pede ex +ped+ite expedite+ious) ex +ped+ition im +pede impede +I+ment) ex +ped+ient pod[=ped+iatrist education, ped+o+log +y) ped +iatrist ped+ant pedant+ry) ped+agogy 188. Pel,puls= drive, push, appellant a n. ap +pel+l+ant compel v com +pel compeling a compel+l+ing) expel v ex +pel impel v im +pel dispel v (dis +pel propel v pro +pel +l+er) propeller n propel 96 [ repel v compulsion n compulsory a expulsion n pulse n pulsate v impulse n impulsive a propulsion n repulse n repulsive a re +pel +puls+ion com+puls+ory) +puls+ion com ex puls +ate) im +pulse impulse+ive) (pro +puls+ion (re +pulse; repel) repulse+ive) 189. Pen,pun=penalty, penance n pen+ance) penal a ren+al) penalty n penalize v penal+ize) penitent a penit[=pen repent v re +pent punish v pun+ish) impunity n im +pun+ity 190. Pend, pens= hang, pendant n a. pend+ant) pending a pend+ing) pendulum n pend+ulum append v ap +pend appendage n append +age...
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