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A 200plat flat plate n plateau n platform n platitude

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Unformatted text preview: per +plex perplex+ed [ v [ [ +polit+ism +polis 208.pon, pound= component a opponent v propone v put, n. n. pro com +pon+ent op +pon+ent +pone [ 102 209. Popul,publ=people, population n popul+ation) populous a popul+ous) popular a popularize v popular +ize popularity n popular +ity) depopulate v de +popul+ate public a publ[=popul]+ic) publish v publ+ish publication n public +ation) public+ity) publicity n 103 205.plor=cry weep, deplore v de +plore deplorable a deplore+able) explore v ex +plore exploration n explore+ation) implore v im +plore propone+ent) ex +pon+ent [ com +pound post +pone ex +pound [ im +pound pro +pound 210. Port=carry, portable a port+able portage n port+age porter n port+er) portfolio n port+folio comport v com +port comportment n comport+ment) disport v/n dis +port deport v de +port deportation n deport+ation) deportment n deport+ment) export v ex +port import v im +port importance n import+ance purport n pur[=per+port support v sup +port [ transport v trans +port transportation n transport+ation) +plic+ant 207.polic,polis, polit=state, city, police n policy n politics n polit+ics) politician n polit+ician cosmopolitism n cosmo polis n metropolis n metro + polis cosmopolis n cosmo 101 n n n v sub 206.point,punct= point,make sharp, pointed a point+ed) pointer n point+et appoint v ap +point disappoint v dis +appoint [ acupuncture n acu +punct+ure punctual a punct+ual punctuality n punctual+ity) puncture v punct+ure [ punct+ilious [ punctilious a compunction n com +punct+ion punctuate v punct+uate punch v punch punct pungent a pung[=punct]+ent com 204.plic, pli, ply= fold , complicate v com +plic+ate complication n complicate+ion) explicate v ex +plic+ate explicable a ex +plic+able) explicit a ex +plic+it [ implicate v im +plic+ate [ implication n implicate+ion) implicit a im +plic+it replicate v re +plic+ate [ replica n re+plic+a accomplice n ac+com +plice +plic+ity complicity n com ply n v. plywood n ply+wood apply v ap+ply [ comply v com +ply [ imply v im +ply [ reply v re +ply supply v sup +ply pliable a pli+able proponent exponent compound postpone expound v impound v propound a. popul+ar [ [ 211. Pos, posit=put, pose v compose v com +pose composure n com +pos+ure [ depose v de +pose +pose discompose v dis +compose dispose v dis pose [ disposed a indisposed a in +disposed expose v ex +pose impose v im +pose juxtapose v juxta +pose opposite a op +pos+ite repose n re +pose [ transpose v trans +pose [ proposal n pro +pos+al purpose n pur +pose position n posit+ion [ posit positive a posit +ive) apposite a ap +posite apposition n ap+posit+ion [ composition n com +posit+ion composite n com +posite deposit v n. de +posit depositary n deposit+ary) deposition n depose) dis +posit+ion disposition n exposition n expose) imposition n impose) repository n re +posit+ory supposition n sup +posit+ion 212. Prais, preci= value, appraise v ap +praise appraisal n appraise+al) precious a prec+ious 104 de [ appreciate v appreciative a appreciable a depreciate v...
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