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Anctholy sanctify v sanctuary 184seminvseed

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Unformatted text preview: tolerate v intolerant a 206 .touch=touch touch v retouch v untouchable a 207. trench=cut trench n entrench v trenchant a 208. trop=vturn trope n tropic n tropical a trophy n 178 terr+iflc terror +ist+sit de +ter[=terr] n. deter+r+ent deter+ment 204. troph=nutrition atrophy n dystrophy n eutrophic a trophology n distrust v entrust v dis en 210. trit=rud attriton n detriment n trite a contrite a a +troph+y dys +troph+y eu +troph+ic troph+o+log+y 211 .tut tutor n tutelage untutored tuition n intuituon intuitive toler+able in +tail tardy 177 terrific a terrorist n deter v deterrent a determent n curt en 201.techn=skill technical a technology n polytechnic a +strate [ +strat+al as +sault=sult de +sult+ory ex +sult [ +sult [ +sult in re [ strat+um pro sub 197 .surg=rise surge v insurgent a resurgent a 199. tail=cut tailor n curtail v detail n retail v entail v +splend+ent stigm ) 198. tach=nail attach v attache n detach v tack v fore +stall in +stall install 194. stigm=mark stigma n stigmetize v astigmatic a 196. sult=leap assault v desultory a exult v insult v result n assorted candy +trust +trust at+trust de +tri[=trit]+ment con +trite tuit=protect n tutel[=tut]+age un =tutor tuit+ion in +tuit a n a +ed [ +tolerant 212. typ=type type n typewriter n typical a atypical a prototype n typography n typology n un+touch+able en v. type+weiter tyo+ical a +typival proto +type typo+graphy typ+o+log +y +trench trench+ant 213. wrin urine n urinate v urinal n urology n ur=urine urin+ate ur+o+log +y tropic+al [turn again andagain] 209. tru=true truth n truce n truism n 179 214 .vapor=steam vapor n vaporize v evaporate v evaporation n vapor+ize e +vapor+ate evaporate+ion 180 215. veil=cover veil n unveil v reveal v un 216. vent=wind vent n ventilate v ventilation n 220. vil=base vile a revile v vilify v villain n 221. vir=man virile a virago n virue n viruoso n virtuosity n +veil re +veal[=veil] +vote devotional a devotion +al a+ware un+aware aware+ness track in 224. zeal=ardor zeal n zealot n zealous a ealous a +vestig+ate vibr+ate re de devote+ion 223. ware=watch wary a aware a unaware a awareness n vent+ilate 217. vestig=footprint vestige n investigate v 218. vibr=swing vibate v vibration n vibrant a revibate v divide v individual a division n dividend n devise v 222. vot=vow devote v devotion n ote v +vibrate 219 vid di +vid+e in +divide+ual divide di+vid+end re +vile [ vil+ify vill[=vil]+ain [ fertile vir+ago virtue +oso virtuoso abol=do away with( ablish v accoutr=dress accoutrement n acm=top acme n adip=fat adipose a adjut=assist adjutant advant=ahead advantage n avant n agger=heap ecaggerate v alacr=swift chrysanthemum n alacrity n ald=old alderman n alesc=grow coalesce v amen=pleasant amenity n amenable a amic=friend amicable a angu anx=distress amguish a anxious a anth = flower antholigy n chrys anthem 181 ap=bee apiary n aper=open aperture n April apex=aummit aquil=eagie aquiline a ar=plow arable a ar=dry arid a arefavtion n arbor=tree arboreous a arboricul...
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