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Circcyclringcircle circlet circular circular

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Unformatted text preview: certify+icate ) 32. celer=quick,speed, celerity celer+ity accelerate acceleration decelerate deceleation 41 ascertain certify certificate certitude discrete discretion discreet secret ( circulate+ion circu+it circuit+ous en circle; 39. cit=quote,call, cite citation cote+ation excite ex cite ecitement excite+ment incite incitation recite recital recite+al resuscitate 40. claim, clam=cyrout, shout, claim clamor clam+or clamorous acclaim ac claim acclamation declaim declamation exclaim exclamation proclaim pro claim proclamation reclaim reclamation 44 occlude v occlusion n 41. clear, clar, clair=clear, bright, clearance clear+ance clarify clarity clarification edclare declaration declare+ation clairvoyance clairaudient clair+audi 42. clin, cliv=lean,slope, decline declination de declination incline in disinclined dis proclivity pro oc +clude oc+clus+ion) 44.corp,corpor=body, corps n corp+s corpse n corpse[=corp corporation n corpor+ation corporate a corpor+ate) corporal a corpor+al corporeal a corpor+eal corpuscle n corp+uscle corpulent a corp+ulent incorporate v in +corporate incorporeal a in +corporeal +ent cline cline inclined cliv+ity crat=ruler, demo +cracy) demo +crat) auto +cracy) auto +crat) +cracy) bureau bureau+crat) pluto +cracy) pluto +crat) theo +cracy) mono +cracy) mob +o+cracy) mob +o+crat) 45.cracy=rule, democracy n democrat n autocracy n autocrat n bureaucracy n bureaucrat n plutocracy n plutocrat n theocracy n monocracy n mobocracy n mobocract n 43. clos, clud, clus=close closure n clos+ure;close closet n clos+et disclose v dis +close enclose v en +close enclosure n (enclose+ure) conclude v con +clude conclusive a conclude+ive) exclude v ex +clude exclusive a ex+clus+ive) exclusionism n ex+clus+ion+ism) include v in +clude inclusive a in+clus+ive) preclude v pre +clude preclusion n preclude recluse n re +cluse [ reclusive a recluse+ive) seclude v se +clude seclusive a seclude+sive=seclusive) 46.creed,cred=believe,trust, , " creed n creed credo n creed ; pl) cred+ential credential n credence n cred+ence credit n cred+it creditable a credit +able credible a cred +ible 45 accredit v discredit v credulous a incredulous a incredulity a " +credit dis +credit cred+ulous in +credulous incredulous ous , 46 ac ity)" 47.cre,creas=grow,make, create v cre+ate creative a create+ive ) creature n create+ure recreate v re +create recreation n recreate+ion) decrease v de +crease decrement n decrease increase v in +crease increment n increase crescent n a. cre +escent de +crescent decrescent a ; procreate v pro +create procreative a procreate+ive) n. con +crete[=cre concrete a concretion n ; concrete+ion) 48.cruc,crus,crux=cross, crucial a cruc+ial cruciform a cruci+form crucify v cruc+ify crusade n crusader n crusade+er) excruciate v ex +cruci+ate excruciation n excruciate+ion) cruise v cru+ise cruiser n cruise+er) crux n crux 49.crypt=secret,hidden, crypt n cryptic a cryptogram cryptonym apocrypha apocryphal decrypt v encrypt v [ n n n a 4...
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