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N exasperate v asthmpanting asthma n athlcontest

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Unformatted text preview: 186 et=being entity nonentity entom=insect entomology equ=horse equine ero=love erotic ert=erect alert al+ert anti +creas crepit=burst becrepit a crimin=ceime crimina n recriminate v crud=raw 185 delectable a delir=mad ( delirious a deterior=worse deteriorate didact=teach didactic digit=finger digitate dogm=opinion domga dogmatic domin=lord dominate dominion domit=tame indomitable dors=back dorsal indorse dot=give antidote anecdote crust=shell crustscean a culin=kitchen culinary a culmin=top culminate v cmul=heap accumulate v cumulus n cup=desire cpidity n curt=short curt curtail v custod=guard custody v cylind=roll cylinder n dama=conpuer adamant a +dama+ant de=god diefy v deb=owe debenture n dibit n debt n dibil=weak ( dibility n chame+leon +chondr+ia chtys=golden chrysanthemum n ciner=ash incinerate v inerary a cinct=bins succinct a cist=box cistern n cla=break iconoclast n clandestin=secret clandestine a clys=dash cataclysm n +clysm crude a recrudesce +crud+esce fatu=silly fatuous infatuate febr=fever febrile fecund=fruit fecundity felic=happy felicity femin=woman feminine fer=wild ferocity feral ferr=iron ferreous fisc=pruse fiscal confiscate fiss=split fissure fissile flagell=whip flagellate fluctu=wave fluctuate for=bore ( perforate fratern=brother fraternity fraternize fraterm=fresh fresco fresc=shine fructufy fulg=shine effulgence refulgent fulmin=thunder fulminate fulminous furt=steal furtive furc=fork bifurcate furcal fusc=dark obfuscate fuscous gain =against gainsay against galax=milk galaxy garr=chatter garrulous gastr=stomach gastric gasreitis genu=knee genuflection ger=bear belligerent glomer=ball conglomerate glomerulus glut=devour glut glutton gorg=throat qorge gorgeous gross=great engross --- 188 bell gluttony v gross gymn=naked gymnasium ) harm=fitting harmony charm haught=high haughty hein=odious heinous hemo=blood hemorrhage hemer=day eohemeral intim=inmost intimate isol=island isolate isolable isthm=narrow isthmus jac=lie adjacent circumjacent jacul=javelin ejaculate ( harm ( ( lig=bind ligament ligature lign=wood ligneous lignivorous loft=sky aloft lofty lop=run elope interloper pass mascul =male masculine emasculate mastic=chew masticate matin=morning matinee me=go permeate medit=ponder meditate premeditate medl=mic medley mell=honey mellifluous melan=black melancholy ( hemo=rrhage ( hom=man ( homicide homage host =enemy ( hostile hostility hum=moist ( humid icon=image ( ) iconoclast iconography ident=same identical identify ign=fire ignite igneous incip=begin incipient lubric=slip lubricate lubricant luc=light lucubration lucid lug=mourn lugubrious jaculate jubil=shout of joy jubilation jubilant laver=torn lacerate lass=weaty lassitude lat=wide latitude laud=praise laudable laudatory lemma=argument dilemma homi+cide +ious di lent=loose relent relentless leth=oblivion lethargy re +lent leth lethal lup=wolf lupine lyr=lute lyric maci=lean ( ) emaciate macilent macul=spot ( ) maculate immacvulate mall=hammer malleable mallet mamm=bre...
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