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N fallacy 57 proffer v refer v referable a reference

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Unformatted text preview: +ffer[=fer]+ +fer refer+able refer+ence) refer+ee [ refer+endum suf +fer suffer+able) trans +fer transfer+able) fert[=fer]+ile fertile+ity) fertile+ize fertilize) fid+elity n. [ [ n af " +fid+avit 77.fin=end,boundary, finish v fin+ish) finale n fin+ale finalist n final +ist) finality n final+ity) finance n fin+ance finite a fin+ite infinite a in +finite) infinitude n in +fin+itude infinitesimal a infinite+simal confine v con +fine confined a confine+ed) define v de +fine definition n define+ition) definitive a define+itive) affinity n af+fin +ity per fervid) ferv+ent) rerv+or) ferv+escent de +ferv+esce ef +ferv+esce effervese+ent) 59 58 pro re fid+uciary con +fide cinfide +ant con+fid+ence) con+fid+ent) confident+ial dif +fid+ent per +fidy perfidy+ous) in +fid+el [ 78.flam,flagr=blaze, flame n flaming a flamingo n inflame v inflammable a inflammatory a flammable a nonflammable a flagrant a flagrancy n conflagrant a conflagration n deflagrate v 79.flect,flex=bend, deflect v deflection n genuflect v smail flam+ing) flam+ing+o in +flame inflame+able inflame+atory flame+able) non +flammable flagr+ant flagr+ancy) con +flagr+ant con+flagr+ation) de +flagr +ate de genu +flect deflect+ion) +flect 60 [ inflect v inflection reflect n reflection reflective flex v flexble a inflexible deflex v inflex v in +flect child children) inflect+ion) re +flect_ reflect+ion) reflect+ive) n n a affluent a affluence n confluent a confluence n effluent a effluence n effluvial a effluvium n influence n influenze n influx n refluent a superfluous a superfluity n mellifluous a flex +ible in +flexible +deflect) in +flex) a 80.flict=strike, afflict v affliction n conflict v inflict v infliction n af +filct afflict+ion) con +flict in +flict inflict+ion) af +flu+ent af+flu+ence) con +flu+ent con+flu+ence) n. ef +flu+ent ef+flu+ence) ef +fluv [=flu] ef+fluv+ium) in +flu+ence in +flu+enze in flux re flu+ent _ super flu+ous super+flu+ity) melli flu 81.flor,flour=flower, floral a flor+al) floret n flor+et florid a flor+id florescence n flor+escence floriculture n flori+culrure ) floral n flor+a defloration n de +flor+ation efforesce n ef +flor+esce flourish v flour[=flor]+ish flourishing a flourish+ing) 83.fore,fort=storng, force n forceful a force+ful) en +force enforce v reinforce v re in force fort n (fort+ress fortress n fortify v fort+ify fortitude n fort+itude effort n ef fort forte n a. fort+c comfort v com +fort comfortable a comfort+able) discomfort v dis comfort 82.flu=flow, fluid n fluidity n flush v flux n fluency n 84.form=shape, formal a formalism n formality n formation n formula n +ial a. fluid+ity) flu+sh flu+x (flu+ency flu+id) dash flex flax 61 formulate v conform v conformity n deform v deformed a deformation n inform v information n informative a multiform a reform v transform v transformation n uniform a uniformity n perform v performance n n. form+al) formal +ism) formal+ity form+ation form+ula 62 formula+ate con +form_ conform+ity) de +form deform+ed) deform+ati...
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