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N flush v flux n fluency n 84formshape formal a

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Unformatted text preview: on) in +form inform+ation inform+ative (multi +form re +form trans +form transform+ation) uni +form uniform+ity) per actress 86.frig,friger=cold, frigid a frig+id) frigidity n frigid+ity refrigerate v re +friger+ate refrigerator n re+friger+ator) refrigerant a n. re +friger+ant 87.fug=flee, fefuge n refugee n fugitive a centrifugal a subterfuge n fugacious a insectifuge n lucifugous a +form re +fuge re +fug+ee n. fug+itive) centri +fug+al subter [ +fuge fug+actous insecti +fuge luci +fug+ous perform+ance) 85.fract,frang=break, fraction n fract+ion) fractional a fraction+al) fractious a fract+ious fracture n fract+ure diffract v dif +fract infraction n in +fract+ion [ refract v re +fract [ ] refraction n refract+ion) refractory a re +fract+ory fragile a frang+ile fragility n fragile+ity) fragment n frag+ment suf +frage suffrage n suffragist n suffrage+ist) frail a frail=fract frailty n frail+ty) 63 88.fus=pour, confuse v confusion n diffuse v diffusion n effuse v effusion n effusive a infuse v infusion n profuse a profusion n refuse v suffuse v transfuse v refute v/n con +fuse confuse+ion) a. dif +fuse _ diffuse+ion) ef +fuse effuse+ion) ef +fus+ive [ in +fuse infuse+ion) pro +fuse profuse+ion) re +fuse suf +fuse +fuse trans re +fule[=fuse] 89.gen,gener,genit=birth,produce, generate v genner+ate generation n (generate+ion) 64 [ ) generator n generate+or regenerate v re +generate) general a n. gener+al [ generalization n general+ization) generous a gener+ous [ generosity n gener+osity degenerate v de +gener+ate degenerative a degenerate+ive) genesis n gen+esis genetic a gen+etic gene genus n gen+us [ generic a " gen+eric, genus " genuine a genu+ine ingenuous a in +genu+ous genius n geni+us [ ingenious a in +geni+ous eugenics n eu +gen+ics pathogeny n patho +geny congenial a con +gen+ial [ congenital a con +gen+ital primogenitor n primo +genit+or progeny n pro +geny genial a gen+ial [ indigenous a indi +gen+ous heterogeneous a hetero +gen+eous homogeneous a homo +gen+eous genre n gent+eel gentle genteel a engender v en +gender 90.gest,gister=carry,bring, gesture n gest+ure gesticulate v gest[=gesture]+iculate congest v con +gest copngestion n congest+ion) digest v di +gest digestion n digest+ion) [ indigestion n suggest v suggestion n register v/n registration n in sug 92.gon=angle, trigon n perigon n pentagon n diagonal n tri 360 +gon) (peri dia +gon) penta +gon) +gon+al) 93.grad=step,grade, grade n gradient a n. grad+ient) gradation n grad+ation) gradual a grad+ual) graduate v/n grade +uate graduation n graduate+ion) degrade v de +grade degrading a de+grad+ing retrograde v retro +grade upgrade v up +grade downgrade v down grade centigrade a centi +grade 66 94.graph,gram=write, biography n (bio +graph+y biographer n biography+er) epigraph n epi +graph autograph n auto +graph mono +graph monograph n photograph n photo +graph lexicography n lexico +graphy) topography n topo +graph +y telegraph n tele +graph stenographer n steno +graph +er dictograph...
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