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N immediate a mediocre a medium n 136 marinsea marine

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Unformatted text preview: ymmetry n sym +metry a +symmetry) measure v asymmetry n immeasurable a im +measur+able com + measure commeasure v dimension n di +mens +ion immense a im +mense commensurate a com +mensur+ate 144.migr=remove, migrate v migratory a migrant n emigrate v migr n mmigrate v ransmigration n igraine n migr+ate) migr+atory) migr+ant (e +migr+ate e +migre im +migr+ate trans +migr+ation migr+ine [ e +min im 83 memor+y) memor+ize) im +memor+ial memor+andum [ com +memor+ate com+memor+able re +member[=memor] re+membr[=member]+ance) e +merge 82 emerge+ence) emerge+ency [ im +merge sub +merge in 141.ment= mind, mental a ment+al) mentality n mental +ity) mention v/n ment+ion comment n com +ment commentate v comment+ate) mentation n ment +ation) amentia n a +ment+ia demented a de +ment+ed remind v re+mind[=ment] +mark+able land +mark +mark) hall +mark +mark) de +marc[=mark]+ate demarcate+ion) 138.matern, matr= mother, maternal a matern+al) maternity n matern+ity) matriarch n matri+arch matriarchy n matri+archy) emergence n emergency n immerge v submerge v merge v emersion n immerse v submersion n submersed a med+ial) med+ian) med+iate [ mediate+ion) mediate+or im +med +iate med+iocre med+ium 140.memor=memory, memory n memorize v immemorial a memorandum n commemorate v commemorable a remember v remembrance n +man re book [ matri+mony matr+on metro[=matro]+polis matri+x +ent) meas+ure) [ pre +eminent pro +min+ent pro+min+ence) super +eminent 146.mini,min=small, mini+ster inister n dminister v ad+minister dministration n administer+ation) inify v mini+ify inim n mini+m) inimize v minim+ize iniature n mini+ature iminish v di +min+ish inor a min+or) inority n minor +ity inus v min+us inute n a. min+ute) inutia n minute ia inuscule a min+uscule 147.mir =wonder,look, irror n mirr+or iracle n mir acle iraculous a miracle+ulous) irage n mir+age irth n mir th mire dmire v ad dmiration n admire+ation) 148. Misc=mix, iscellaneous a miscel[=misc]+aneous romiscuous a pro misc+uous romiscuity n " promiscuous,ous iscible a misc+ible mmiscible a im miscible) +min+ent 84 ity " onmiscible a non miscible) mobility n mobilize v demobilize v automobile n mob n mobbish a mobster n 149. Miss,mit= send,cast, ission n " miss+ion, " missionary a n. mission ary commission n com miss+ion dismiss v dis miss emissive a e miss ive emission n e miss+ion) emissary n e miss+ary remiss a re miss remission n re miss+ion omission n o miss+ion permission n per miss ion permissive a per miss ive) submission n sub miss ion submissive a sub+miss+ive) transmission n (trans miss+ion premise n pre mise promise n pro mise surmise v sur mise demise v de mise ad+mit admit v commit v (com mit committee n commit+t+ee) emit v (e mit intermit v inter mit intermittent a intermit+t+ent) omit v o mit permit v per mit remit v re mit submit v sub mit transmit v trans mit 150. Mob=move, mobile a immobile a im mob+ility mob+ilize de +mobilize auto +mobile poly iso 152.mon, monit= monition n monitor n admonish v admonitory a p...
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