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N instructor n odstruct v odstruction n sudstruction

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Unformatted text preview: nt countenancen coun[=con]+tent+ance retention n abstinence n pertinent a impertinet a continue v v. continuation n continuous a a. retain re+tent+tion abs +tin+ence pertain per+tin+ent im +pertinent con +tin+ue con+tin+uation +ting+ent 127 126 {summ+ary summ+ation summ+ar+ize a. con +summ+ate con+summ+ation 276 sum, sumpt = take consume v con +sum+c consumer n consume +er consuming a assume a as +sum+e assumption n as+sumpt+ion re +sun+e resume v reassume v re +assume presume v pre +sum+e presumption n pre+sumpt+ion sumptuous a sumpt+uous [ stict con 275 sum,summ = add up , sum n n. summit n summ+it 125 summary n summation n summarize v consummate v consummation n dis +strain over +strain re +strain 128 280.tect=cover, detect v. detection n. detective n undetected v protect v protection n protectory n 281.tele = fur teleraph v telegram n telephone n telescope n television n telemeter n 284. tend tent attend v attendant a attention n attentive a tend v tendence n tendency n contend v extend v extension n extensive a extent n intend v intended a intent n intention n intense a protect+ory tele+graph tele+gram tele+phone tele+scope tele+vis +ion tele+meter 282 .temper tempor =time temporary a tempor+ary temporal a tempor+al temporize v temor+ize extempore a ex +tempore extemporaneous a ex+tempor+anecous extemporize v ex+tempor+ize contemporary a con +tempor+ary tempo n tempo+ [ temper n v. temper temperament n temper +a+ment temperate a temper+ate [ temperance n tempest n temp +est tempestuous a tempest+uous 283.tempt =try tempt v attenmpt v contempt v temptatious n temptatious a " de +tect detect+ion a detect +ive un +detect+ed pro +tect at con tempt+ation tens =stretch at +tend n. attend+ant at+tent+ion [ attend +tive tend+cnce tend+ency con +tend ex +tend ex+tens+ion ex +tens+ive ex +tent [ in +tend intend intent in intensify v pretend v pretension n pretentious a distend v tension n tensible a pre +ion +tense in+tens+ify +tend pre +tens+ion +termine +termin+ate +termin+adle 287. terr=eartth terrain n terr+ain terrace n terr+ace territory n terr+itory territorial a territory+al extraterritoriality n extra +territorial extraterrestrial a medi +terr+nean Mediterranean n subterrane n sud +terr+ane subterranean a sub +terr+anean inter v in +ter disinter v dis +inter 288 test=test tuitness testify v test+ify testimony n testi+mony testimonial n testimony+ial attest v at +test contest v con +test contestant n contest+ant detest v de +test +test protest v pro 289 .text=weave text n textile n textile n context n pretext n termin+al termin+ate termin+ation termin+o+logy ex in ex 131 .. +tenu+ate [ extenuat+ing +ity [ con text+ure +text pre +text 290. thesis thet= setting thesis n antithesis n anti +thesis hypo +thesis hypothesis n parenthesis n par +en +thesis synthesis n syn +thesis antithetical a anti +thet +ical synthetic a syn +thet+ic 291 the a =god theism n the+ism atheism n a +theism theology n theo+logy theologian n theo+log +ian pantheist n pan +the+ist theocracy...
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