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N move agreement n agree management n manage

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Unformatted text preview: parquetry n artistry n 2 forestry n [ water fool rain air light bullet gas heit seamster waiter actor seam fort mat butt patri com +ous bandit rival mimic parquet artist forest 236 chemistry husbandry palmistry 3 peasantry poetry n gentry n citizenry 4 laundry n pantry n foundry n fishery n quarry n ferry n n n n n chemist husband palm 120.-ship 1 friendship n hardship n dictatorship n psrtnership n relationship n citizenship n membership n 2 airmanship n salesmanship n horsemanship n 121.-some frolicsome a meddlesome a mettlesome a loathsome a noisome a winsome a +ist+ry peasant poet gent n cumbersome a quarrelsome a lonesome a 122.-ster huckster n prankster n pollster n spinster n hipster n shyster n songster n seamster n gangster n rhymester n gentle citizen launder pant found fish quar fer +ry founder aquare 123-th warmth n growth n stealth n strength n length n depth n zenith n filth n mirth n friend hard dictator partner relation citizen member airman salesman horseman noi meddle mettle loath +some win huck prand poll spin hip shy song seam gang rhyme warm grow steal streng=strong leng=long dep=deep zeni fil=foul mir +th 124-tic chaotic a charismatic a enigmatic a aromatic a romantic a dramatic a schematic a frolic cumber quarrel lone chao charisma enigma aroma roman drama scheme 237 125-ture ature miniature n legislature n fracture n conjecture n expenditure n divestiture n horticulture n denture n scripture n torture n signature n mixture n -ture s censure n closure n enclosure n composure n fissure n specialty n safety n entirety n certainty n cruelty n novelty n frailty n 127-ular globular a zonular a spectacular a vascular a titular a cellular a jocular a 238 t 128-ule plumule n granule n globule n barbule n nodule n iture mini +lat legis +ure fract con +ject expend divest horti hortense dent script tort sign mix -sure cens +ure close en +close com +pos fiss +ure special safe entire certain cruel novel frail globe zone spect vasc title cell joc=joke +ac+ular +ular 239 +cult+ure plume grain globe barb node 129-uous vacuous a innocuous a promiscuous a assiduous a contiguous a ingenuous a tenuous a sumptuous a tortuous a tempestuous a 130-ward downward upward a northward seaward a leeward a homeward backward ward ) vac in +noc pro +misc as+sid con +tig in +gen ten +uous sumpt tort tempest + a down up a north sea lee a a 131-wise crosswise ad endwise ad coastwise ad sidewise ad clockwise ad likewise ad otherwise ad home back wards cross end coast side clock like other 240 crabwise ad crab wise ways crossways ad endways ad sideways ad 132-y flinty a tardy a rainy a windy a sleepy a homey a woody a hilly a difficulty n dainty n discovery n inquiry n mastery n jealousy n fatty n shorty n oldy n doggy n kitty n granny n missy n flint tard rain wind sleep home wood hill r difficult dignity discover inquire master jealous fat short old dog kit grandma miss 241...
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