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Tritriangle tricycle 20 quasiquasi official quasi

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Unformatted text preview: m unique unison tri+ple=ply tri+pod twi+light twi+form 2. act=to do , to drive, act acting activity act+ivity activate act+ivate actualize actual ize enact en+act exact ex +act [ exacting exact+ing interact inter act react re act transact trans act counteract counter act inactivity in activity ed uni+form uni+que uni+son 31. vicevice-president vice-manager 32. withwithdraw withdrawn withhold 3. aer, aero, aeri=air, aerate aer+ate aerial aeri+al aeriform aeri+form aeromechanics aero+mechanics aerology aero+ology aerospace aero+space aerosphere aero+sphere aeroview aero+view with+draw with+drawn with+hold 1. acid, acri, acrid, acu=sour, sharp, acid acidify acid+ify acidity acid+ity acidulous acid+ulous acrid acrimony acute acuity acu+ity acumen acu+men acupuncture acu punct acme acumen 4. ag=do, act, agenda agile agitate agitation agitator agitating agent agency coagent counteragent reagent ure ag+enda ag+ile ag+itate agitate+ion agitate+or agitate+ing ag+ent ag+ency co agent counter+agent +agent re 33 34 unanimous equanimity animosity 5. agri, agro, agr=field, land, agriculture agri+culture agronomy agro+nomy agraran agr+arian agrimotor agri+motor agrobiology agro+bilolgy 10. ann, enn=year, annual anniversary annuity perennial 6. alter, altern, ali=other, to change, alter alter alterable alter+able alteration alter+ation alternation alternate+ion alternative alternate ali+en alien alienate alien ate 7. am, amor, amat=love, amatory amat+ory amiable ami+able amicable am+ic+able amity am+ity enmity en am+ity 8. ambul=walk, ambulance ambulant circumambulate somnambulate perambulate 35 ann+ual anni+vers annu+ity per ary ennial 11. anthrop=man,human, anthropology anthrop+ology philanthropist phil anthrop 12. opt,ept=fit, ability, apt aptitude aptly apt+ly adapt ( adaptable adaptation inapt adept apt+itude ) ad apt adapt able adapt+ation in apt ad+ept enmity, ambul+ance ambul+ant circum +ambul+ate sonm ambul+ate per ambul+ate 9. anim=life,spirit, aniaml anim+al animate anim+ate animation animate anim+ate inanimate in magnanimous magn anim un+anim ous [ equ anim ity anim+osity 13. aqu=water, aquatic subaquesous opaque aqu atic aqu+ose op aque 14. arch, archy=ruler, rule, chief, anarchy an archy anarchic anarchy+ic anarchism an arch+ism partiarch parti arch archives arch+ives architect archi+tect architecture ous 36 ist 15. art=skill, joint, trick, article art+icle artful art+ful artistry artist+ry artificial artifice artisan artu+san artifact arti+fact 20. bas,base=low, foundation, base basement base+ment baseball base+ball baseborn base+born abase a base debase debased debase subbase sub base ial 16. astro,aster=star, astrononmy astro+nomy astrospace astro+space astronaut astro+naut astrophysics astro+physics astral astr+al disaster dis ester disastrous dis+astr+ous 21. bell,bel=war, fight, rebellion re rebel rebellious belligerent bellicism 17. audi,audit=hear, audience audi+ence auditorium audit+orium audible audi+ible inaudible in audi+ible 22. bio,bi=life, biography bilographer...
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