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V ex empt exemption n exemption redeem v redre eemem

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Unformatted text preview: abul+ous af +fable ef +fable in +effable con +fabul +ate 55 +arg[=erg]+ic [ ation)" 71.fac,fic=face, face n facet n facetious a preface n surface n deface v efface v ineffaceable a superficial a sur fac+et facet pre +face +face de +face ef +face in super +ious +efface +fic[=fac 72.fac,fact,fect,fic,fig=make,do, facile a fac+ile facilitate v fac+ilitale facility n factor n fact+or benefactor n bene +fact+or benefaction n bene +fact+ion) malefaction n male +fact+ion) facsimile n fac+simile faction n fact+ion [ factious a faction factitious a fact +itious manufacture a manu +fact+ure affect v affected a affection n affectation n affectionate a affective a confection n confectionery n defect n defection n af +fect affect +ed affect+ion affect+ation affection +ate) affect +ive con +fect+ion confection +ery de +fect de +fect 56 +able)+ial disaffect a disaffected a effect v effective v effectuate v infect v infection n infectious a perfect a perfection n sacrifice v efficacy n efficacious a efficient a proficient a proficiency n suffice v sufficient a profit n profitable a fiction n fictitious a feat n feature n feasible a malfeasance n defeat v defeatism n figment n figure n transfigure v configuration n fashion n fashionable a dis +affect disaffect+ed) ef +fect effect +ive) effect+uate in +fact infect+ion) infect+ious) per +fect perfect+ion) n. sacri +fice ef +fic+acy efficacy.y I ous) ef +fic+ent pro +fic+ient pro+fic+inecy) suf +fice suffice+inet) pro +fit[=fict] profit+able) fict+ion fict+itious) feat=fact feat+ure feas +ible mal +feas+ance de +feat defeat +ism) fig+ment (fig+ure trans +figure con +figure fallacious a fallible a infallible a falsehood n falsify v falsification n failing n failure n unfailing a fault n edfault v / n. fall+acious fail+ible in +fallible false +hood fals+ify falsify+ic+ation) fail+ing fail+ure un +failing fault=fal de +fault 74.fer=bring,carry, ferry v n. fer+ry confer v con +fer conference n confer+ence) con +fer +ment conferment n offer v of +fer offering n offer+ing) conifer n coni +fer coniferous a conifer+ous) odoriferous a odori +fer+ous floriferous a flori +fer+ous) aquiferous a aqui +fer+ous) circumference n circum +fer+ence_ defer v de +fer de +fer deferment n " deference, deference n defer+ence) differ v dif +fer difference n differ+ence) differentiate v differernt+iate infer v in + fer [ inferable a infer+albe) inferential a infer+ent+ial) indifferent a in +different prefer v pre +fer preference n prefer+ence) +ion fash[=fac+ion fashion+able) 73.fall,fail,fault=err,deceive, fallacy n fall+acy) 57 proffer v refer v referable a reference n referee n referendum n suffer v sufferable a transfer v transferable a fertile a fertility n fertilize v fertilizer n 75.ferv=boil, fervid a perfervid a fervent a fervor n fervescent a defervesce v effervesce v effervescent a 76.fid=trust,faith, fidelity n fiduciary a confide v confidant n confidence n confident a confidential a diffident a perfidy n perfidious a infidel n affidavit...
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