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V ex propriate propriety n propriety improper a im

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Unformatted text preview: e a n. re +quis+ite prerequisite n pre +requisite conquer v con +quer conquest n con+quest) query n quer+y) 224. Quiet, qui= still, disquiet v dis +quiet) quietude n (quiet+ude quietus n quiet+us inquietude n in +quietude 108 [ quiescence n acquiesce v acquiescence n qui+escence +qui+esce [ ac+qui+escence) ac 225. Quit= free, quit v quitclaim n acquit v acquittal n requite v requital n ubiquitous a ravish v ravage n raven v ravenous a [ quit+claim ac +quit acquit+t+al) (re +quite [ raven raven radic+al) radic+icle e +radic+ate e+radic+able) radix+=radic) 230.rect=stright, right, correct a cor +rect correctitude n correct+itude rectify v rect+ify rectitude n rect+itude) rectangle n rect+angle [ +rect erect a a. e erection n erect+ion) 227.Range=rank, range n arrange v ar+range arrangement n arrange+ment) rearrange v re +arrange derange v de +range deranged a disarrange v dis +arrange misarrange v mis +arrange) 233. Rog=ask, arrogate v arrogant a arrogance n abrogate v derogate v derogatory a interrogate v prerogative n prorogue n rogue n " +rode e+ros+ion) [ " 110 disruption n erupt v eruption n interrupt v interruption n , , ar+rog+ate ar+rog+ant ar+rog+ance) ab +rog+ate de +rog+ate derogate+ory) inter +rog+ate [ pre +rog+ative pro +rogue [ " " 234. Rot= wheel, rotate v rot+ate) rotatory a rotate+ory) rotor n not+or) rot +und rotund a rotundity n rotund+ity) 237. Sal= salt, salify v saline a salinity n salty a salad n salary n disrupt+ion) e +rupt erupt+ion) inter +rupt [ interrupt+ion) sal+ify sal+ine) saline+ity) salt +y) 238. San, sanit= healthy, sane a sanity n san+ity) insane a in +sane sanitary a sanit+ary sanitation n (sanit+ation) sanstive a san+ative sanatorium n sanat[=sanat]+orium 235. Rud= rude, rude a rudiments n rudimental a erudite a erudition n rudi+ments rudiment+al) e +rud +ite erudite+ion) 239. Sanguin= blood , sanguinary a consanguineous a sanguine a exsanguine a 236.rupt=break, rupture n abrupt a bankrupt a bankruptcy n corrupt a corruption n disrupt v rupt+ure) ab +rupt bank +rupt bank+rupt+cy) cor +rupt cor+rupt+ion) dis +rupt 240.sati,satis,satur=enough,full of food, satiable a sati +able) satiate v sati+ate) insatiate a in +satiate sate v satisfy v satis+fy satisfaction n satisfy satisfactory a satisfaction) 111 232. Rod, ros= bite, rodent n " rao+ent, rodenticide n rodent+icide corrode v cor +rode corrosive a cor+ros+ive) corrosion n cor+ros+ion) 109 e [ 231. Rid, ris= laugh, ridiculous a rid+ic+ulous ridicule v red+ic+ule) deride v de +ride derisive a de+ris+ive) risible a ris+ible risibility n risible+ility) 228.Rap,rapt,rav=snatch, rape v rapacious a rap+acious rapine n rap+ine rapt a rapture n rapt+ure) enrapture v en +rapture raptor n rapt+or erode v erosion n +ous 229.Ras, rad=scrape, erase v e +rase eraser n erase+er) abrade v ab +rade abradant n ab+rad+ant abrasive a ab+ras+ive) raze v raze=ras razor n raze+or) requite+al) ubi +quit+ous 226. Radic= root, redical a redicle n eradicate v eradicab...
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