Lecture 14 Enzyme Regulation-BW

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Unformatted text preview: has to compacted into nucelus - wnat to replicate - need to unpack - the targets are histones - DNA will be wrapped into order to be compacted - if you want to replicate DNA have to loose the interaction between the histone and the DNA ( histones - pos charge - interact witht he neg back bone 3/8/13 MCB 2000 Lecture 14 discturpting the electrostatic interactino - taking away the pos charge - the DNA is going to become expose - not ging to be tightly wrapped around the histone - DNA will be come accesable - acetlates - control gene interaction Zymogen Activation: irreversible conversion of an inactive precursor to active enzyme by cleavage of covalent bonds. z ymogen activatino - invovles degrating - clevaing out 2 peptides and allows active form to refold and can now cleave peptide bonds trypsinogen (OGEN) is your z ymogen - why would you make inactive precursor? why would you have a zymogen form of a digestive enyzme? -you dont want to digest the lining of your intensene or your stomach - they beomce active when they enter the tract (signals are sent- as well as organs- now the enzymes can become active) - only activie the enzyme becaseut they are degrated - going to cut out two dipeptide - yellow regions disulfi de bonds - when you cut out each other peptide - they woudl fl ow away the disulfi de bond - hold the different segments together and assit in folding -held together in a complex F i g. 7-10, p.166 T r y p s i n o g e n a n d c h y m o t r y p s i n og e n a r e z y m og e n fo r ms of t r y psi n a n d c h y mot r y psi n 3/8/13 MCB 2000 Lecture 14 Enzymes Regulation: modifications that determine intracellular location and activity 3/8/13 MCB 2000 Lecture 14 r egualate an enzyme - why telling it where to go - made on rough ER -protein going to undergo modifi cation to tell if where it belong in the cell - can add pulmatate - specifi c group. prenylation or palmitoylation will be CYS - myistoylatino will happens on the amino group of GLY - only hydrogen as a s ide chain - hydrophoboic interaction introduce hydrphoic tail - can be inseted in the membrane - adding lipases in the form of fatty acids - every single plasma membrane bound - can be compelx of simple- adding a c arbohydrate - or adding a carbohydrate to the amino group Enzymes/Proteins can be regulated by other modifications that determine their intracellular/extracellular location when you add a carobhydrate - sugar residues - it belongs at the plasma membarne or at the mithcondria membarne or other organelle or memebnare - additon of a c arbohydrate - like a GPS device - tells the protin where it needs to go within the cell happens in the GOLGI - after sythensised in the er moves to the Golgi and into v entticle andother departments 3/8/13 MCB 2000 Lecture 14...
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