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Interaction 3 social action results from a fitting

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Unformatted text preview: lumer described the basic elements of SI with three propositions: "  (1) human beings act toward things on the basis of the meanings that things have for them "  (2) these meanings arise out of social interaction "  (3) social action results from a fitting together of individual lines of action 48 The intellectual roots of SI Notable members of the Chicago School include "  George Herbert Mead, W.I. Thomas, and Robert Park !  The Social Construction of Reality, by Peter Berger and Thomas Luckmann (1966) "  says the purpose of sociology is to understand everyday life !  How experienced, coordinated, and organized 49 “Definition of the situation” !  “a shared understanding of the norms and meanings that govern a social situation” !  People respond to the actions of others, based on perceptions of the situation and of other actors in the situation 50 Symbolic Interactionism: Erving Goffman s Stigma (1963) !  !  Examines how stigma (a mark of discredit) affects a person s social interactions and sense of self Anything that distinguishes a person from the norm risks discrediting them "  E.g., scars "  E.g., prison records "  E.g., family scandal 51 Dealing with social stigma !  !  Strategies for dealing with social stigma include passing, covering, selective association and (generally) hiding information Everyone is potentially discreditable and does these things sometimes - differ from social norm = stigmatized 52 In closing….. There are different ways of approaching the key sociological questions !  They co-exist with each other !  They complement each other !  The best plan is to keep an open mind and consider the insights provided by each approach 53...
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