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Unformatted text preview: ternalize norms and values - approval Positive Sanctions: encourage desirable behaviour (reward). Negative Sanctions: discourage undesirable behaviour (punishment). 5% deduction = minor negative sanction Socialization & Hypothetical Situation Superficial Lesson: Follow Instructions Hidden Fundamental Value: Respect Authority Authority ! Socialization ! Responsible Employee Authority ! Socialization ! University Degree Value Authority ! Socialization ! Leadership Skills Outcome = Social Control 2. Selection: Individuals allocated positions based on merit - quality, value = recognition of achievement Merit: an earned and justifiable claim to: a) Minor Positive Sanctions (e.g. respect or praise) b) Major Positive Sanctions (e.g. high salary or advanced university degree) Merit = Recognition of Achievement Meritocracy: “Any system of rule or advancement where the rewards are strictly proportioned to the accomplishment and all people have the same opportunity to win these rewards” (Tepperman 2011: 337). Selection & Hypothetical Situation Superficial Lesson: Follow Instructions Hidden Fundamental Value: Meritocracy Meritocracy ! Selection ! Responsible Employee Meritocracy ! Selection ! University Degree Value Meritocracy ! Selection ! Leadership Skills Outcome: Social Stratification Superficial Lesson: Follow Instructions Minor Negative Sanction: 5% Deduction Minor Positive Sanction: None Major Sanctions: Hidden Curriculum “Lessons that are not normally considered part of the academic curriculum that schools unintentionally or secondarily provide for students” (Tepperman 2011: 336). Hidden Curriculum Revealed Values Promoted: Authority & Meritocracy Value Outcomes Responsible Employee ! Obedient Workforce Value of University Degree ! Credentialism Leadership Skills ! Social Hierarchy Alternative Rationale for Course Policy If you want to gain more control over your own life, you have to learn how to work within a larger group of people. What would happen to a group if everyone followed their own rules? A group will disintegrate if its’ members are not reliable, trust worthy, or, in short, socially responsible....
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