Studied the strains and conflicts at home and school

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Unformatted text preview: like other problems in the managerial world - chid = a problem to be sloved 39 Who are the parents? !  !  A mixture of new money and old money "  Mainly white and WASP, though a disproportionate number are Jewish "  Successful and upwardly mobile, usually through business or the professions "  Many are the children of immigrants High aspirations for themselves and their children! 40 Careers are the priority !  !  They want their homes, appearances, and activities to look like Hollywood movies or haute couture magazine They train their children to be “perfect”: competitive and successful in all their pursuits "  Even at a young age, children are taught to seek success in scout groups, music lessons, hockey teams, and summer camps – also, school! 41 School is the central institution !  !  !  The school is the most important institution in the community "  The authority on childraising and the main place where children can demonstrate perfection Parents turn their children over to the school (and associated institutions – e.g., camp), hoping to get them back more mature Concern with schooling also makes the Parent-Teacher Association CH’s most significant voluntary association 42 - stress shift on co-operation, submergence of the individual in the group Training for bureaucratic crawl With the increasing bureaucratization, values shift "  FROM stress on individual achievement and competition "  TO stress on co-operation, other-direction, and a submergence of the individual in the group. "  So, school trains the middle-class suburban child for ‘bureaucratic crawl’ !  At the same time, school still tries to teach traditional values of competition and 43 individual effort This causes tension for the students, parents, and teachers !  !  parents press teachers for higher grades (i.e., more successes for their children) "  The beginning of credential creep? Teachers are caught between principals, bureaucratic rules, professional training, children, and parents 44 Anxiety continues among today s students - middle-class parents and immigrants parents !  !  !  North American middleclass parents and immigrant parents continue to drum into their children strong needs for achievement Develop anxiety about obtaining good grades, pleasing the teacher, and getting ahead "  Stress may lead to health problems How much anxiety is enough? How much anxiety is too much? 45...
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