New cultural elements to distinguish it from the

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Unformatted text preview: n “habitus” in order to distinguish ourselves by class - body of learned skills needed for distinction !  In Bourdieu’s theory of cultural capital, “habitus” refers to a body of learned skills needed for - process of learning distinction and socialization !  The accumulation of such learned skills creates a fund of cultural capital - since riches want to distinguish themselves from the poor 23 Cultural literacy is basic; Cultural capital gives people an advantage !  !  - cultural capital and cultural literacy increase social mobility Cultural capital increases (apparent) social status "  E.g., which fork to use with salad? Cultural literacy improves knowledge base and interaction skills "  Basic requirement "  E.g., who is Hamlet? 25 Some cultures (including religions) cover many countries - Jewish, Chinese, African !  Diasporic ethnic and religious cultures can spread around the world !  E.g. the Jewish, Chinese, and African diasporic cultures are found everywhere 25 - national cohesion = ethnocentrism Some countries have many cultures Nation-states are sometimes based on a common culture !  Many states promote national cultures for the sake of national cohesion (but doing so also creates ethnocentrism!) 26 !  However, many nation-states contain many cultures !  - nationality in culture does not goes together 27 Is there a Canadian culture? !  Canadian and American cultures have many similarities !  Yet, Canadians hold some distinctive norms, attitudes, and beliefs 28 - Canada: more secular, socially progressive, more egalitarian 平等主義者 The Canadian way Canadian culture differs from American culture in being: !  more secular (less religious) !  more socially progressive !  more egalitarian (see Gini indices, tax rates) 29 Canadians are somewhat more realistic, modest, and secular !  E.g., Americans are much more likely than other people to believe that people get rewarded for their effort 31 One distinctive feature of Canadian culture: Multiculturalism !  !  Multiculturalism is a government policy It encourages the maintenance of cultures from immigrants countries of origin Pro: strong ethnic communities ease immigrant assimilation into Canada 31 Con: Multiculturalism hinders the formation of a Canadian Identity Multiculturalism promotes self-segregation and slows creation of an unified Canadian culture 32 Cross-cultural comparisons help us understand our own culture www.understandingfrance. org !  !  When Americans share a bill in a restaurant, they go into detail "  everyone pays for exactly what they had The French consider this miserly; they divide the bill by the number of guests "  some pay for less and some pay for more than they ate "  This creates a social link between the sharers 34 - joke = socially accepted The cultural role of jokes and humor !  !  !  !  In every culture, jokes and humor let us discuss things that are feared or hated Joking is a soci...
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