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Flynn1 Justin Flynn English 101-037 September 13, 2007 Short paper 1 purpose to “The Barn” Life is Good The essay “The Barn” written by Anne-Marie Oomen is about a boy that discovers how valuable life really is. The purpose of this essay is to realize that a persons life come first over having fun. It is different for everyone how they discover it, but it is usually something that is not very serious, but scary. For this boy it was just a hard fall that knocked the wind out of him and he thought he was dying. Life is something that people put to the test everyday, either by doing dangerous stunts or not even knowing it like almost getting in a car accident which could have been fatal. The boy in the essay “the barn” had no fear, doing many different stupid stunts that could have got him injured. It took something as simple as falling and getting the wind knocked out of him to realize how real and unpleasant death is.
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Unformatted text preview: He was no where close to dying but it could have been worse and it scared him. For someone like this, he won’t do anything like it for a while, but will probably be doing stupid things like that again later on in life, except he will think about the consequences more next time. For some people it will take more than this to realize the real danger or for some people just watching something like it happen is enough for them. Either way, people at some point in their lives will realize how valuable life is and want to do anything they can to keep it. Life can have its ups and downs and be very fun at some points. Part of this fun is having to take risks sometimes, but there needs to be a limit. This is the purpose of Oomen’s essay, that life will have its scares, but we will all learn something from it and realize how good it is to be alive....
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