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Ethanol: Is it viable? Names Justin Flynn Section 007 1) What are the two types of ethanol? Corn ethanol and Cellulosic Ethanol 2) According to the author why is ethanol politically expedient as an alternative source of energy? It would take a long to time switch to the energy source and take a lot more research and money. 3) Who or what group is pushing the ethanol movement and why? The U.S. farm lobby is pushing ethanol because it offers considerable profit potential. 4) What are the benefits to using ethanol instead of oil? It cut greenhouse gas emissions considerably. 5) What are the obstacles in the way of switching over to ethanol? a. Politically Balancing supply and demand. Ethanol production will be expensive in the beginning due to lack of technology at the time. b. Non-politically Lack of infrastructure. Cannot be transported by pipeline.
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Unformatted text preview: Also, most ethanol businesses are located in the Midwestern United States, making it hard to transport to east and west coast. 6) Could the United States ever switch over to pure ethanol without the use of foreign oil? Why or Why Not? No, because we do not have enough farmland to supply the entire population with pure ethanol, it needs to be mixed, or just be an alternative fuel to oil. 7) In your opinion and using support in the article, should the United States switch over to ethanol as “the” alternative energy source? Yes I think so, with gas prices rising and the amount of pollution from how many people drive these days. It will still be cheaper than oil, and it is much better for the environment. 1...
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