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Justin Flynn Bio 111-037 10-31-07 Community Service For our community service we went Phelan Park to pick up garbage. We picked up the garbage and put it in garbage bags, separating recyclables. When we first got there we noticed someone’s fast food lunch laying in the parking lot and three blown over garbage’s that could have bee set up better to not get knocked over. There was garbage blown everywhere, of course, so that’s where we started. The park was a lot worse than I thought it would be, there was garbage everywhere, by the swings and slide where little kids play and scattered everywhere. There was also a pond at the park with a picnic area right next to it, surprisingly there didn’t seem to be that much trash in it at the time, but it seemed like an easy way to pollute the pond if there are people having a party right there,
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Unformatted text preview: pretty much on the edge of the water. There was also a skate park, which was pretty dirt, probably because the kids that skate there don’t care and just leave things wherever they want. What I learned from this is that most people really don’t care about the environment. There were just a few garbage cans, all in the same, random spot, that were blown over and no one cared. This wasn’t a big park and really wasn’t hard for us to clean up, but if we didn’t do it, that trash would end up somewhere else, like the pond or blowing away to pollute other areas. This park could have been set up better to make it easier for people to throw stuff away instead of having to walk all the way to the only spot where the garbage cans are....
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