addictionsfinal - Maybe its because I don’t need to...

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Justin Flynn 12/5/07 Addictions Final Paper My addiction was driving my car too much. Before coming to college I drove it everyday, multiple times. At college I don’t need it as much, but I still would find reasons to drive it. I still ended up driving it three to four times a week. For the past few weeks I have been working on this problem. I have got it down to driving my car maybe once every two weeks. I am doing this because it saves me a lot of money on gas, with prices these days, and it also helps the environment because I am causing less pollution. I now have money to spend on other things that I didn’t before. I have started buying things online more now. I have found it’s much easier than having to drive to Wal-Mart or something when I can buy it online and have it show up a few days later. Still, driving my car only once every two weeks is not easy for me.
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Unformatted text preview: Maybe its because I don’t need to because I get rides without even asking. My best friend is a junior and I go everywhere with him. I do think about it though, and make sure only one person, or as little as possible, drive somewhere if were all going to the same place. I think I will keep this up after this class. It will be nice when I go home to have extra money. The problem I have is having to drive four hours just to get home, then four hours to come back. So, I will definitely be driving much less at home to save money and the environment. I would also do more by making sure my friends carpool also. If the insist on driving, they can come pick me up. They will see that I’m saving a lot of money and realize that it’s a good idea. The more people I can get to do this, the less pollutants there will be in the air....
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addictionsfinal - Maybe its because I don’t need to...

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