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Essential pharmacology online fast transport systems

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Unformatted text preview: lenish the cell 9/18/13 Stahl’s Essential Pharmacology online Fast Transport for Synthesizing, Metabolizing and Utilizing Neurotransmitters Fast Retrograde Fast Anterograde 9/18/13 Another Fast Transport System to Carry Machinery to Synthesize, Metabolize and Utilize Neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters can be made in both the soma or in the axon terminal. Reuptake pumps can recapture released neurotransmitters for reuse. Very rapid response. 9/18/13 Understanding function can help us understand what goes wrong with neurons in CNS disorders. Anatomical Basis for Neurotransmission: how neurons develop, migrate, form synapses and demonstrate plasticity 9/18/13 Process of Neurodevelopment 9/18/13 Stahl’s Essential Pharmacology online • • • • • 9/18/13 All these Nerve Cells Working Together 100 billion nerve cells and Reading words 100 trillion synapse Hearing words Thinking about words Saying words Activity is highest in the red areas PET Scan Neurogenesis continues in Adults: hippocampus and the olfactory bulb 9/18/13 9/18/13 9/18/13 Stahl’s Essential Pharmacology online Stahl’s Essential Pharmacology onlin 9/18/13 9/18/13 Examples of ways to reverse cell loss Neuronal Selection • Neurons are formed in excess, some healthy, some damaged. Normal neurodevelopment chooses the good neurons. In some disorders the defective neuron is left and can cause CNS disorders 9/18/13 later in life, when Stahl’s Essential Pharmacology online Selection Continues into Adulthood and Neuronal Cells are Destroyed • Apoptosis: Is a normal process in which unwanted neurons are eliminated without inflammation. Most happens in utero, survival of the fittest. • Necrosis: If a neuron is destroyed by poisons, suffocation or 9/18/13 toxins and Explodes Fades Away Stahl’s Essential Pharmacology online Neurotrophic Factors (Chemical Lifesavers) Stahl’s Essential Pharmacology onlin 9/18/13 Critical for the development and maintenance of neurons, responds to genes and the environment Neurogenesis and migration is complete for most of the brain by birth, but Dendrites Axons continue to grow upon activation for life. 9/18/13 Neurons trace glial cells to their proper destination . Adhesion molecules are coated on the migrating neuron. Forms a molecular Velcro. Recognition Molecules Stahl’s Essential Pharmacology online 9/18/13 Neurotrophic factors direct axonal traffic 9/18/13 This scan lead to abnormal information transfer, confusion can result 9/18/13 One also needs lots of synapses, the upper panel is lacking full arborization while the lower panel is widely arborized and has many synaptic connections with many neurons. Neurodevelopmental disorders show a failure to form the right connections and/or a rich number of connections. Neurodegenerative disorders show a/18/13 of synapses. 9 loss Neurodevelopment and Neurodegeneration The undeveloped neuron may fail to develop due to disease or lack neuronal or environmental stimulation. OR • It may develop normally an...
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