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Anxious emotional insecure or excitable agreeableness

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Unformatted text preview: , forgiving, good-natured, tolerant, and trusting; Conscientiousness Degree to which someone is organized, hardworking, responsible, persevering, thorough, and achievement oriented; Openness to experience Degree to which someone is curious, broadminded, and open to new ideas, things, and experiences, is spontaneous and has high tolerance for ambiguity. Work-Related Personality Dimensions Work-Related Authoritarianism Authoritarianism Machiavellian Tendencies Machiavellian Tendencies Type A/B Personality Type A/B Personality Locus of Control Locus of Control Positive // Negative Affectivity Positive Negative Affectivity Work-related Personality Dimensions Authoritarianism: The extent to which an individual believes that there should be power and status differences within organizations. Machiavellian: The extent to which individuals believe that virtually any type of behavior is acceptable in trying to satisfy their needs or meet their goals. Type A/B personality dimension: The extent to which people tend toward impatience, hurriedness, competitiveness, and hostility. Locus of control: The degree to which individuals believe that their actions can influence what happens to them. Affectivity: The stable tendency to experience positive or negative moods and to react to things in a generally positive or negative way. Diversity Is Not Affirmative Action Diversity May exist without a May program program Broad focus Not legally based Create a positive work Create environment environment Generally accepted Affirmative Action A purposeful, established program Narrow focus Legal requirement Compensate for past discrimination Controversial Diversity Paradigms Diversity DIVERSITY DIVERSITY PARADIGM PARADIGM FOCUS FOCUS Discrimination Discrimination and and Fairness Fairness Equal opportunity Equal opportunity Fair treatment Fair treatment Recruitment of minorities Recruitment of minorities Strict compliance with laws Strict compliance with laws Access Access and and Legitimacy Legitimacy Acceptance and celebration Acceptance and celebration off differences o differences Learning Learning And And Effectiveness Effectiveness Integrating deep-level Integrating deep-level differences into organization differences into organization Organizational Plurality Organizational A work environment where: All members are empowered to contribute in a way that All maximizes the benefits to the organization, customers, themselves themselves The individuality of each member is respected by not The segmenting or polarizing people based on their membership in a group membership Key Developments Key Companies Are Moving Beyond Compliance Increasingly, companies are viewing diversity as a key Increasingly, component of business strategy, rather than an human resources or compliance issue. Broader Interpretation of Diversity Broader Where once "diversity" tended to refer to visible characteristics Where like sex, race or age, companies are starting to define diversity more broadly...
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