Past Test1 - "All night, all night, I've been...

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“All night, all night, I’ve been searching for you all night…” Sam Phillips BIOS100 EXAM 1 February 7, 2007 Use the key: A. Endoplasmic reticulum B. chloroplast C. mitochondria D. Golgi 1. In which organelle are proteins synthesized and folded and glycosylated ? 2. Which organelle is physically connected to the nuclear envelope? 3. Which uses oxygen and generates ATP from fuels? 4. Which generates oxygen and generates ATP and sugar from photosynthesis? 5. Which uses carbohydrate tags to determine where various proteins should be sent? Use the key: A. cell wall B. microtubules C. microfilaments D. lysosome 6. Which is found only in plant cells? 7. Which provides structure and is made of actin momoners? 8. Which contains enzymes for hydrolysis, digestion and recycling cell components? 9. Which interacts with kinesin and ATP? 10.Which provides structure and a path for moving transport vehicles from place to place? Use the key: A. peroxisome B. vacuole C. smooth ER D. nucleolus 11. Which provides a site for production of ribosomes? 12. Which is for storage of oils, water, and toxins in plants? 13. Which involves oxidation of fatty acids? Use the key: A.1 B.2 C.3 D.4 14. Which elements in the molecule ( ) will be a little bit negative and would be attracted to the O in an H2O molecule? 15. Which # could be attracted to an H in an H2O ?
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Past Test1 - "All night, all night, I've been...

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