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2008Spring_Geog151CourseCalendar_only - Introduction to...

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Introduction to Cultural Geography, Spring 2008 Course Calendar This schedule is incomplete and subject to change. NOT ALL ASSIGNMENTS ARE LISTED HERE. Some will be given during lecture. On average, each week you will be responsible for reading 1 textbook chapter and 1 workbook chapter, as well as taking comprehensive lecture notes, studying/reviewing, and completing other assignments as directed. The professor and your TA reserves the right to assign more work or to alter this schedule by making an announcement in class or by e-mail. Week 1 M Jan 14: Intro to syllabus, textbooks, course goals. "Naturalizing" & "in my blood" versus culture. W Jan 16: ethnocentrism, Eurocentrism, racism, and culture. Begin reading Rowntree Ch 1 and Stansfield Ch 1. F Jan 18: Early globalization (aka "globalism") in Columbus, the Khan, Prestor John, and "the infidel." Week 2 M Jan 21 Martin Luther King day (holiday) In Discussion Sections this week: Stansfield Ch. 2.
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