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ComodoFW - this firewall will ask you for every time if its...

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Sheet1 Page 1 CIS 292 Comodo Firewall Install / Mod -- Final Notes!! 1. Log in as admin or right click on the install icon and select "Run As". 2. Keep selecting next until you get to the install command to install other add-ons. 3. Check Learn-Mode, Defence + 4. Leave the rest of the defualts alone! 5. Restart the computer 6. Open the firewall 7. Deny ALL ICMP commands along with ping! 8. Remember anytime you install new prorams
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Unformatted text preview: this firewall will ask you for every time if its ok to add to REG. 9. Select "Installer" from the main menu. 10. Quit the program leaving it running in the system tray. 11. Try to break into the computers network. You will be unable to!! 12. Since ICMP & Ping are now blocked, the computer is not seen by anyone on a network! ____THANKS, you will need to remember this step by step for the final!!...
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