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Midterm Exam STS 200-2 Technology and Environmental Justice [Derek Bonham] You’re an ambitious young engineer at a DuPont chemical plant in rural Alabama. Your plant is making plans to expand its operations; after all the construction is finished, it will have operating units within a few hundred feet of Rinker, a historically African-American community. The plant has applied for, and received, all the necessary permits from federal and state environmental regulatory agencies and from the county planning commission. The residents of Rinker, however, are suddenly up-at-arms. They are trying to stop the expansion, alleging environmental racism. Their activities have attracted the attention of national environmental groups and the media, and it seems possible that their campaign will halt construction, if not by causing permits to be revoked, then by causing DuPont to reconsider its commitment to the Rinker site. Your boss and his boss, the plant manager, are mystified by the community opposition and want to know what they can do about it. They know that, as part of your top-notch engineering education at the University of Virginia, you took a course on Environmental Justice. Respond to your boss’s questions clearly and concisely (no more than one page per answer), using the ideas that you encountered in the first half of STS 200. You should explain the theories that shed light on their predicament and give examples from your readings to help illustrate your explanations. Where you refer to the theories of particular authors, cite them as you would to an interested person unfamiliar with the field who might want to go and read their book or article (e.g. “in a book called From the Ground Up , Luke Cole and Sheila Foster make the point that…); formal citations are not necessary. Exam Submission Your midterm is due via toolkit no later than 6 pm Wednesday, February 27 . To prepare your exam for submission, please follow these steps: - Download the document Midterm.doc from toolkit. - Rename the document YourLastName_Final.doc. Fill in your full name in the space provided on the first page. - Leaving the questions at the top of each page, use the rest of the page to type your answer. Your answers may be single-spaced, but please do not change margins, font size, or headers and footers.
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STS200-2, SP2008 Midterm Exam Question 1 (30 pts) We have all the necessary permits from the EPA, the Alabama Department of Environmental Management, and the local government. If all of the relevant officials have approved, how can the community still be complaining? Despite the fact that the government is supposed to have the interests of the people in mind when they make decisions, the people do not always feel like the government is representing their views. Unfortunately, the people of Rinker feel like the government is working for us, and they are going to blame us for this situation. There are some issues that can easily be interpreted differently by the government and the community and this is where permits do not satisfy the community members affected by our expansion.
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