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Unformatted text preview: o/Georgia Tech Aerospace 17 THERMAL EFFECTS Block of material subjected to an increase in temperature thermal strain sign conven>on: ²་  expansion ε > 0 ²་  contrac>on ε < 0 ²་  WATER expands when heated ²་  ICE EXPANDS when cooled (for T < 4°C) thermal strain temperature change ✏ = ↵( T ) (2 15) coefficient of thermal expansion = ✏T L = ↵ ( T )L (2 16) Temperature- displacement rela>on (analogous to force- displacement rela>on) 1/17/13 M. Mello/Georgia Tech Aerospace 18 THERMAL EFFECTS (cont.) ²་  WHAT ABOUT THERMAL STRESSES? ²་  UNIFORM HEATING OF UNCONSTRAINED, HOMOGENEOUS MATERIALS WILL INDUCE THERMAL STRAIN (CONTRACTION/EXPANSION) BUT WILL NOT RESULT IN INTERNAL STRESSES. ²་  STATEMENT GENERALLY APPLIES TO STATICALLY DETERMINATE STRUCTURES STATICALLY DETERMINATE TRUSS WITH A UNIFORM TEMEPRATURE CHANGE IN EACH MEMBER ²་  A STATICALLY INDETERMINATE STRUCTURE MAY OR MAY NOT DEVELOP TEMPERATURE STRESSES. THIS STATICALLY INDETERMINATE TRUSS WON’T EXPERIENCE INTERNAL STRESS DUE TO A UNIFORM TEMERATURE CHANGE. 1/17/13 M. Mello/Georgia Tech Aerospace 19...
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