Exm2_MapStudyGuide20 - Intro to Cultural Geography(Geog 151 Spring 2008 Exam Two Map Study Guide For the map portion of the test study the

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Intro to Cultural Geography (Geog 151 – Spring 2008) -- Exam Two Map Study Guide For the map portion of the test, study the place-names below (practice writing them on blank maps, _without_ using a "pool" of map names or an answer key; in other words, know these place-names by heart). (Reminder: To prepare for the rest of the test, you should study your lecture notes and read the assigned chapters in the Rowntree and Stansfield books. Study each chapter's vocabulary (the boldface and italicized terms) , then review each page (or outline each chapter) to ensure that you understand all of the major concepts . ) PLACE NAMES TO STUDY: 1. PHYSICAL FEATURES: Pacific Ocean Atlantic Ocean Arctic Ocean Indian Ocean Black Sea Caspian Sea Aral Sea Amu Darya Syr Darya Mediterranean Sea Baltic Sea Ural Mountains Caucasus Mountains Great Barrier Reef (be able to locate which part of the coast it lines) Great Dividing Range Gulf of Carpentaria North Sea English Channel Darling-Murray River system 2. The World Regions (Cultural Regions): Yes, again!
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