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Motivation assignment - Jeremy LaMell Motivation Assignment...

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Jeremy LaMell Motivation Assignment March 28, 2008 After spending time looking into Mary Crest Manor, it is obvious that volunteers and employees who work for non-profit organizations have a much different type of motivation than employees working for profit-maximizing companies. In the business world an overwhelming majority of employees are motivated to work and to move up in their organizations by extrinsic factors. The general idea is that if people work hard they will receive a higher salary, better benefits, power, recognition, and social status. However after interviewing staff members at Mary Crest Manor it is apparent that the majority of them are motivated by intrinsic factors. Intrinsic motivation can often lead employees to work harder in order to satisfy their personal needs. Although a few of the staff members that we interviewed were not particularly happy working there, the majority of them love it. When asked why they
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