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Phil - Homosexuality - Jeremy LaMell Take Home Test#2...

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Jeremy LaMell Take Home Test #2 - Homosexuality 1) Explain what Stanton Jones says is God’s purpose for sex. Why, in his opinion, would a gay/lesbian relationship not fit that purpose? According to Stanton Jones, God made sexual union for the purpose of uniting the husband and wife into flesh in marriage. God intended sexual intercourse to weld people together. He also states that the purpose for marriage is something bigger than simply for people to have fun, reproduce, and to meet their sexual needs. He goes on to say that we can model the uniting of us and God with the union of males and females. A gay or lesbian relationship would obviously be contrary to this purpose. Jones would believe that since God’s purpose for sex is to unite different types of people, than the act of sexual relations between same sex people would go against God’s purpose. 2) Explain why Stanton Jones does not believe it is unfair for men and women to have genetic inclinations towards homosexuality, and yet be expected not to engage in same- sex acts. Jones believes that the existence of inclinations and preferences have nothing to do with God’s moral call upon our lives. He goes on to state that science is finding many factors that lead to things such as alcoholism, ill-tempers, and homosexuality. These factors, such as violence, have nothing to do with God’s intent, but are created by people. He believes that it is not unfair for God to hold up moderation, self-control, and restraint as moral values. His reason for this belief is that God is the maker who sets the design. The fact that same-sex chastity is difficult for homosexuals is of little consequence. This is why he believes that the Christian vision for sexuality and marriage is the reason for rejecting homosexual actions as a legitimate option. He backs this statement by saying that God’s distinctive purpose for sex and marriage necessitates a heterosexual union. Another reason that he believes homosexuality goes against God’s intentions is that
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Phil - Homosexuality - Jeremy LaMell Take Home Test#2...

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