SOCY PAPER - Gender Differences in Love Dating and Sexual...

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Gender Differences in Love, Dating, and Sexual Activity Throughout time there has always been debate over how men and women differ in how they view love, relationships and sex. Some argue that men and women put unequal emphasis on these different aspects of relationships, while others argue that men and women do not differ in the way they view and act in their relationships. I have come to find that men and women do differ on many aspects of relationships, from choosing a mate to what they emphasize in their relationships, how they express their emotions, and reasons for engaging in intercourse. When choosing potential partners, studies have shown that men and women look for particular characteristics in the opposite sex. B.P Buunk, P. Dijksra, D. Fetchenhauer and D.T Kenrick conducted a study using questionnaires regarding desired attributes looked for in the opposite sex. It was found that men were more likely to report wanting someone with greater attractiveness than oneself, and women look for someone with a high amount of income, self-confidence, dominance and social position. Both males and females put emphasis on intelligence. These findings can result from the roles in which society places on men and women. Men being the providers and the controllers of the family, women look for qualities that would fit that role: having a higher education, having a good income, intelligence and dominance would all be beneficial. Women in
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SOCY PAPER - Gender Differences in Love Dating and Sexual...

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